Dyson "Hot + Cool fan heater" to deliver warm air to 1.5 m ahead of time Review

Dyson'sHot + cool AM 04 fan heaterIt began selling on October 20, but as expectedAir MultiplierI was awesome at first, so I could not get the goods quite easily, finally I got it the other day. Does the Dyson product that the feeling that popularity is preceded, its capability is suitable for popularity?

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Fan heater arrived. The size of the outer box is about 64 cm and the impression that "a little big?"

According to Dyson 's explanation, the conventional fan heater was inefficient because it could not warm the room quickly.

However, Dyson's fan heater uses air multiplier technology to deliver warm air to a further distance and warm up the room quickly.

James Dyson Throat and face.

So I will actually touch it.

Dyson 's Hot + Cool fan heater, which came out smoothly.

No assembly is necessary, you can use it as soon as you install only this bottom part.

Just rotate with matching marks.

Set complete.

It seems to be a sort of toy.

Switches are also gathered in a simple form. From the left, the power button, the air volume adjustment button, the center is the remote control light receiving part, the right is the temperature switching button, the right end is the swing button (the main body rotates).

Insert the outlet, switch on at once!

Dyson "Hot + Cool fan heater" started - YouTube

The time from startup until hot air comes out is about several seconds. I felt the warm wind was intensified for the wind volume 1 (weakest). Actually, I measured lightly as to where the wind is coming, but I can feel hot air at least 1.5 meters away.

Dyson "Hot + Cool fan heater" For air volume 1 - YouTube

Since the air volume can be adjusted in 10 steps, I tried to make the strongest air volume 10. It seems a bit painful near Dyson 's working voice near television.

Dyson "Hot + Cool fan heater" For air volume 10 - YouTube

Unlike a box-shaped fan heater, the air current flows from the rear side to the front as well. The air flow is like an electric fan.

Dyson "Hot + Cool fan heater" Airflow on the back side - YouTube

Full function can be operated with remote control from a distance.

I actually tried doing it from the beginning of operation to the head swing using remote control. Although it is directed diagonally in animation, it is also possible to warm your feet diagonally downward. By the way, the swing stops while the remote control is in operation.

Dyson "Hot + Cool fan heater" Remote control operation and head swing - YouTube

When not in use, it can be stuck to the top of the main body.

Like this. It is a little uneasy because the main body is curved, but the upper one does not fall because it is a built-in magnet. However, if it is horizontal, it will fall.

Dyson "Hot + Cool fan heater" Remote control built-in magnet - YouTube

There is no need to wait until the hot and cold air condition, and there is no need to wait until the hot air comes out, and the range that the wind can reach is quite wide, so if it is about a one room it will likely work Ikki Tousen by one unit. The design has also changed and we do not take much place so we can be active in various situations. After that there is a "quiet mode" in which the operation sound does not exceed a certain level and the timer function of power on / off ....

By the way, at the time of article writingPrice .com lowest price is 52,390 yen. If you search, there are places which are handled at the 40,000 yen level, but please be careful as there are imported items (temperature notation is Fahrenheit instead of Celsius).

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