I bought an original mug cup with an Amazon logo which is out of stock right away

"This product that was not resold for a long time, I kept thinking that I wanted it as one of the deep amazon users before, which was finally resold (like it was sold out in the meantime ...)"Amazon reviewsThere are many, and it is written as follows in blogs and twitter here and there.

Amazon · Original Mug Cup In Stock Restoration - 【Nita Warehouse】 Lightning · Storage

Service is also used as a brand when it is patronized for a long time ... It is said that it is said that it is a secret of success of the service to reverse it rather than rather than ... ... "Amazon" is already an impressive One of the brands, items with a variety of Amazon logos are also out. This is quite stylish. Especially this mug is popular and will be out of stock immediately.

Amazon Mug Cup (Black): Love and Love

I finally got it!
The white mug was always out of stock though there was always inventory.

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I sold out from Oita before amazon mug The white and black are resurrected! I have no choice but to buy this ...

Just because this is only popular is not just because the logo is attached, there must be something else reasons ... ... so we tried to actually buy it to explore the reason for sold out.

The following"Amazon Original Mug Cup (730 yen including tax)"When"Amazon Original Mug Cup White (730 yen including tax)".

I got a black cup in my hand.

I also brought a white cup. The logo is printed on both sides, so you can see it with either hand. Even right-handed or left-handed is safe.

The bottom of a black cup. There is almost no roughness, but there is a sense of stability because the area is wide.

Bottom of white cup. This is exactly the same as black.

There was a logo on the inside of the cup. It seems to be just right to use it as a guide that "you can pour hot water until this height".

Pouring water to the limit where it seems to spill, when we measured the capacity it was about 380 cc. It is just feeling that the content of a common 350ml can just goes in.

It is the size that "Chicken Ramen Mini" can afford with plenty of time.

Because it is a thick cup, hot water is difficult to cool down, it is deliciously completed. Mogmog .......

Still hungry, so let's make a little larger "Cup noodle seafood noodle refill".

The size was a little too big for this cup ... ....

I managed to put it in my hands, but the outside of the noodle broke down to Bari Bali, but I got it delicious

After the stomach is full, it can be used to drink coffee.

However, if it is Japanese as well, it will be green tea, so this time black and white are set as a set of Japanese Amazon.co.jp"Original Cooking Pair Set (1365 yen including tax)"I tried purchasing as well.

Size that will fit in the hands of men of general size. The white cup is hard to slip and easy to hold because the surface is slightly rough.

The black cup is also the same size, but here the surface finish has been finished to make it slimmer.

The height is about 11 cm.

Pottery is said to be good or bad if you see the raised part at the bottom which is said to be "high ground", but this is a normal thing.

The bottom of the black cups is the same. It seems to be slippery because it is slightly gritty.

The orange arrow seems to be printed, but the part of the letter is slightly dented and it is useful because it will be a slip when you hold it.

When I tried putting in green tea green tea, it will be like this.

If you put green tea in a white cup, it will be like this. Both of the inside of the container are white, but by arranging them in pairs it is possible to use them according to the occasional mood and situation.

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