I refilled the "cup noodle refill starter pack"

Previously introducedRefilling cup noodleIt was on sale from March 26, but since I do not sell it in Osaka, I went to Tokyo and bought it and made it immediately. People with many opportunities to eat cup noodles at home and cup noodle goods may want to buy them.

Details are as follows.
It is in such a box.

The way of making is written next to the box.

Lots of notes.

I opened the box. There were 2 cups and refill 2 bags, instructions.

I tried out a cup.

The appearance of the noodles appeared when the lid was peeled off.

How to make it on the back of the lid.

I put it in a cup like this.

I put it in.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes. It seems that the lid is turned inside out.

It is interesting that it seems like an experiment of chemistry that you can see the inside.


Mixing it turned out like a usual cup noodle.

The taste was the same cup noodle as usual. I felt like I ate somewhat different things at the moment I ate it, but recently I seem to have forgotten the taste of normal as I was eating only things that changed. The cup is exclusively for cup noodle, but it seems to be able to use many others. Also, you can buy just the refilling noodles and put them in a bowl etc for making it.

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