Dyson's new work "dyson hot + cool AM 04 fan heater" warms the whole room evenly

Twenty-two design engineers including thermodynamics and fluid dynamics experts conducted research, development and testing over three years, and completed using patented technology Air Multiplier technology, this "dyson Hot + cool (Dyson Hot and Cool) AM 04 fan heater ".

From Thursday, October 20, 2011, we plan to start selling mainly at nationwide home electronics retailers at retail outlets, the official Dyson store will start selling today, prices include tax 5 The color is Iron / satin blue and white / silver two colors.

A cold room, good-bye
Dyson hot + cool AM04 fan heater
Faster warming the room evenly


Dyson - dyson hot + cool Heat the room more evenly than the fan heater. | Dyson.co.jp

AM 04 fan heater ¥ 57000 (tax included)

This "dyson hot + cool AM 04 fan heater" can set the temperature between room temperature and 37 degrees to warm the room, and when the set temperature is reached, the ambient air is measured and the thermostat automatically sets the room temperature constant A mechanism that keeps it.

James Dyson commented that the room temperature can be maintained at the set temperature even when the room temperature drops.

"Other heaters are using inefficient motors and dusty covers etc. Because warm air flows upwards, the place you are going to warm up only slightly, and occasionally the heater-specific odor occurs Dyson design engineers have developed a heater that can warm the entire room without smell. "

The main body size is 57.9 × width 20 × depth 20 (cm), the main body mass is 2.42 kg, there is a manufacturer guarantee for 2 years, the same as Dyson's vacuum cleaner, the lightweight and sturdy ABS resin easy to absorb the impact is used It is said that.

Remote controller

Smooth head swing


Here also works

Temperature control

It seems to be a smooth movement that can be placed here

The appearance movie review looks something like this.

Viddler.com - Dyson Hot AM 04 overview - Uploaded by engadget

There is also an internal commentary movie review.

Viddler.com - Dyson Hot AM 04 Internals - Uploaded by engadget

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