Touch huge screen sound games "Magical Music" play movie

In music games at game centers and amusement arcades, there are games of the type in which the casing is of the musical instrument type and games of the type which push the button and the touch panel decided opposite the casing, but it seemed not so far "Touch a big screen like a screen" operation method.

Not a simple sound gauge but "shooting" game's "Music Ganggan!"TaitoBut,The 49th Amusement Machine ShowIn thisA sensible type rhythm game "Magical Music"As I was exhibiting, I have just been watching the state of that play.

The size of the screen is 70 inches, the size is perfect for playing with just two people.

Since the operation is a touch panel type, there is nothing to worry about "Which button should I press?"

First of all, please watch a movie to see how you are actually playing.

Taito "Magical Music" Play Video Song: Summer Festival

Touch can be hand or stick included. If it succeeds, the fireworks, fountains, fire pillars and other effects will spread in the screen so you can enjoy it even if you are watching as a gallery as well as those who are playing.

The scene picture is like this.

Track songs are hit songs and 50 songs including animation songs such as "Mr." "Heavy Rotation" "Maru Maru Mori Mori!"


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