A commentary on how to taste whiskey like Count Count by real Early whiskey expert

There are many professional books and how-to movies that guide "how to drink alcohol" in the world, but there are things that somehow strangely confess and feel stiff. However, Richard Patterson, a whiskey expert and a real blender, explains "how to drink whiskey like a sir"Is a movie that tells how to enjoy Scotch whiskey in a slightly impacting way with a little stubborn character and strong Oyaji-san.

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Richard Patterson appearing in the movie is one of Scotch whiskey's brandsWhyte & amp; Mackay(White and Mackay) who is a master blender. It is a person who plays an important responsibility to decide the taste of the brand's whiskey, so no one who goes to the right by whiskey's evaluation is an expert.

Mr. Patterson recommends when evaluating whiskey, a glass called 'copeta' reflected on the right. Because the upper part of the glass has a narrowed shape, the scent rising from the whiskey is condensed, making it easier to pick up scents with the nose. It is a shape that the blender has long used for 'nosing' (confirming the fragrance with the nose) for a long time, and it is superior to general whiskey glass (screen left).

Mr. Patterson's true heart begins from here. First I will pour whiskey with tokutoku on the copier.

Then turn the glass so that whiskey will fit on the inner wall ... ...

What a bishop and whiskey has been thrown away. "I wash away the smells that are left in the glass this way."

Then pour the whiskey into the glass again. This whiskey is fine as it tastes properly.

Just like before, when you turn the glass and touch the whiskey with the air and open the scent ......

Push the glass against your nose and smell it. At this time, Mr. Patterson said to speak to the whiskey "Hello ...... How are you? ...... Quite well ...... Thank you"(Hello ...... Howie Yu? ...... It's a nice feeling ... thank you.) I tweet. As I talk with whiskey, I speak the words, but is this feeling like Sir?

In addition, at this time "I will not do it like this" and I will show you the gesture that puts the glass under the nose.

Mr. Patterson shows, "I push the glass this way and I feel all the elements of whiskey." However, it is inevitable that a person who is not accustomed will do this if it does this, will be choked as "baoba".

If you enjoyed the fragrance, next to the taste evaluation. At this time, we are saying "I'm not going to be crawling like a cowboy in a straight fashion".

"Be sure to add some water."

"Besides, it's not just putting water in. First of all, I will put my fingers in a jug filled with water," she said, showing off a surprising how-to.

There is also a reason for this, which is "to check the temperature of the water". To taste whiskey, to use cold water, it is Mr. Patterson's direction. It seems that there have been experiences of having whiskey been ruined for six times by putting warm water in the bar which I entered in the past, "It will be six times! It is twice in the USA, once in France, one in Stockholm in Stockholm Scottish Patterson who blames his anger for England while showing the expression like the following ... ... and two times in England. "

Make sure that the water is cold properly and add a small amount to the whiskey ......

Raise your glass and let whiskey into your mouth.

And here is the highlight of the movie. Although it was "Hello, Howie Yu" the other time, I will make a mouth Moggmog while checking the taste of whiskey while singing "naeng nee ni nh". To my impact, the editorial staff who saw this movie tried the same thing at home, it is strange that it seemed that the taste of whiskey could be felt better.

In this way, when you feel the taste from various directions, let 's pour into "throat" and throat and drink it.

Patterson says, "It is fantastic in real terms." By adding water and lowering the alcohol level to about 35%, it will make you feel the taste of whiskey the most. ,

Mr. Patterson says "How about what happens when you drink without adding water, this is how it is". When alcohol degree is too strong, "face taste" taste is felt with "taste buds" which the face burns and it tastes like it, so it always emphasizes that water is put in.

Lastly, he introduced how to drink called "on the rock" or "scotch on the rock" to put ice in the whiskey. "What I like to do is to finish work at night and go to the bar and listen to the bartender pouring whiskey into the glass."

"But at such time suddenly there is a guy who puts the ice on the glass like this and it is messed up! It's messed up with one shot!" Paterson suddenly switched his anger.

"This stuff is not" Scotch on the Rock "," it shows the glasses with ice swollen up high.

"The real scotch on the rock is going to the river on a cold day in winter, picking up a cold chilled stone under the snow and putting it in a whiskey and drinking it," Scotch On - The rock "is said to be"

Mr. Patterson with a frown face, "This is not a monkey that I could drink properly like this," said Mr. Patterson.

"Okay, at such times do this,"

Mr. Patterson showed off the shock's how-to, "Do not bother you inside the bar just like" Do not need this kind of thing ".

In addition, since this movie is Paterson who is a whiskey expert, there is also a part which is permitted, so it is better not to think to go out into town and do the same maneuver. Copyrat glasses introduced in the movie can be purchased at about 2000 yen.

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