It is scientifically proved that "a little water into whiskey makes it delicious"

ByAndrew Gustar

In some whiskey enthusiasts, it is recommended to drink "whiskey a little bit of water". On the other hand, the opinion that "drink straight" is the way to drink the whiskey's most taste is the majority, and opinions are divided about "How to drink the most delicious whiskey", but at Linne University Bio, Sweden A research paper chemically proving that the research team of the Materials Chemistry Center "taste good when putting some water into whiskey" is published in Scientific Reports.

Dilution of whisky - the molecular perspective | Scientific Reports

Chemists confirm that whiskey really does not taste better with a splash of water | Popular Science

The flavor of whiskey is "Guaiacor"It is said to have originated from the substance and plays a role like aroma oil giving a smoky flavor to whiskey. Whiskey is stored and aged in the oak barrel baked in the manufacturing process, but at this time the liquid of the whiskey and the inner wall of the barrel come into contact, the guaiacol moves to the whiskey. Among various whiskeys,Scotch whiskeyThere is a tendency to include more Guaiacol.

When you pour whiskey into a glass and drink it, you will drink a portion of the water called the "liquid / air interface". On the other hand, when the alcohol degree of liquid becomes 50% or more, guaiacol tends to gather at the bottom of the glass, so when pouring a little water into the straight whiskey, Guaiacol will rise to the surface of the water to obtain better taste and flavor That's it.

As for Popular Science,Bourbon · WhiskeyIt is the distillery official of "Wild Turkey" which is one of the mainstream stocks ofEddie RussellWhen I heard the story, "When I was practicing, most of the bourbon masters including my father said" Do not drink water and drink, it is perfect for drinking. "On the other hand, Scotland People always said "I drop a few drops of water on whiskey." Perhaps Scotch Whiskey, which contains more Guaiacol, knew that it would be delicious to add water to it empirically.

Russell says he will not put water in the bourbon when drinking whiskey, but that he put two ice cubes. This seems to have essentially the same effect as the method demonstrated by the research team of Linnae University, and whiskey is chemically delicious as "water or ice is put".

ByAlex Brown

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