I went there because it is said that Dyson will explain how cool the vacuum cleaner "DC 48" which was smaller and smaller than before

I was about to inhale a flameDyson's strong suction powerDC 46'Smaller as it is with the attraction, and became quiet'DC 48I saw it in Osaka's first Dyson Media Exchange Meeting. Also, a fan without feather "Dyson Air Multiplier"Sitting on the floor or lowering the height according to the life of Japan"AM 02 Living FanWe also visited.

Dyson | Dyson - Dyson Ball DC48 | Dyson.co.jp

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In 2013, the milestone of 20 years since establishment in the UK, "DC 48"When"AM 02 Living FanDyson has announced two products that are conscious of the living environment of Japan called "Daison."

First of all it appeared DC48.

The DC 48 is 30% smaller than the previous model DC 46, the weight of the main body is 2.8 kg, and it is said that 40% sound is reduced. We use ball technology and store heavy parts on the ball part of the main body, so it can move smoothly even when turning and can clean it.

Due to miniaturization, the dust collecting rate seems to have decreased, but it has improved by 4% compared with the previous model to 93.3%. The most important parts of DC 48 are newly developed motors housed in the main body "Dyson Digital Motor V4That thing. Although this motor is small, it uses a special algorithm to control the rotation with a computer, realizing high speed rotation.

The left side is the motor of the previous version, the right side is the Dyson Digital Motor V4. The previous version is made of metal, it looks heavier than Dyson Digital Motor V4.

Inside of Dyson Digital Motor V4 is like this.

There are two kinds of DC 48, the motor head is using a brush rotating with a motor, and it is suitable for cleaning the carpet. There are two kinds of colors, Satin Fuchsia and Satin Purple.

On the other hand, the turbine head which is suitable for flooring etc. uses a carbon fiber mounted brush, and it can choose from two colors of satin blue and satin yellow.

From the middle of the recital, the experiment to compare performance with other company's products began.

Experiment is to examine how much DC 48 can breathe the flour which another company's product did not absorb by using the carpet sprinkled with plenty of wheat, first cleaning with another company's product, then DC 48.

First, suck off the flour with a vacuum cleaner from another company.

Once you sucked it up, next time you start cleaning with DC48.

When I confirmed DC 48 after cleaning, a considerable amount of flour was falling down. It was never cleaned weakly by other companies' products, but since it was being cleaned tightly, it was shocked by the good suction efficiency of DC 48.

After the demonstration of the vacuum cleaner is over, I was waiting for the next time, DC 48 demolition demonstration, which will break down to the point where the motor of DC 48 is taken out.

I will disassemble the DC48 using a tool.

First of all, push the red button on the handle part of the main unit to remove the part of the cyclone.

I will disassemble according to the instructions of the presenter.

Parts that are tightened with screws are disassembled using a screwdriver.

After removing the screw attached to the side of the main body ... ...

White parts wrapped around the cable emerged from within the body.

When I opened the white parts, there was a motor that I saw in the inside. Actually holding it in your hand is a bit heavy, but it does not get bothersome even if you have it for a long time.

Disassembling DC 48 will look something like this. There is no room for the vacuum cleaner anywhere.

There are 9 screws removed in all. From around here you can also see a glimpse of Dyson's commitment to weight saving.

DC 48 The dismantling experience finished successfully.

In the middle of the recital, a monk at Koyasan 's headquarters Kanagumiji Temple appeared.

In fact, "AM 02 Living Fan" which is already on sale has been decided to be installed in the summit of Koyasan from the summer of 2013.

AM 02 living fans, conventionalAM02 tower fanIt is 13cm lower than that, and finished in a design that fits the Japanese living environment more. When looking side by side, the difference in height is obvious at a glance, AM02 tower fans on the left side and AM02 living fans on the right side.

The operation button is attached to the bottom of the main unit, and it is "power button" "air volume control knob" "head swing button" from the left.

Just by placing the remote control on the curved surface at the top of the living fan, you can fix it with the power of the magnet.

The maximum power consumption is 65 W, and it is only 0.5 W at standby time, so it will contribute to energy conservation. The color has become two kinds, silver / silver and iron / satin blue.

The lowest price at the time of article writing is according to the price.com that the DC48 motor head¥ 79,634, Turbine head¥ 73,887, AM 02 Living Fan Silver / Silver48,558 yen, Iron / Satin Blue48,858 yenIt has become.

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