Dyson loads 32 cyclones · 360,000 G new centrifugal vacuum cleaner "DC 46" emerges

With 32 cyclones arranged in two layers, each cyclone produces a strong centrifugal force of up to 360,000 G, with 32 route cyclone technology to separate it from air even if it is a fine dust of 0.5 microns The first canister type vacuum cleaner "DC 46" was released today by Dyson. Prior to selling it in today's online store,Motor head typeIs 92, 000 yen,Turbine head typeIt is 80, 7800 yen.

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This "DC 46" was made at Dyson's research and development center in Wiltshire, England after a development period of 3 years or more and 1000 prototypes.

32 cyclones are arranged in two layers, each one cyclone produces a strong centrifugal force, capturing finer dusts than other cyclone vacuumers, separating 0.5 micron fine dust and dust from the air It is said that the route of air flow and all angles are optimally designed so as to fall to the clear bin.

"Ball technology" "DC 46" is stored in the ball all the heavy objects such as motors and power cords, which makes it possible to lower the center of gravity of the body, easily controllable.

Because it realizes stable operability by the movable connecting part, it seems that it can bend as expected even if it is a steep corner.

Moreover, the cleaner head adopts "carbon fiber brush technology" using nylon material brush and carbon fiber brush which suppresses generation of static electricity, nylon material brush removes garbage from carpet, fine carbon fiber brush removes dust from flooring It is possible. Also, it seems that the bottom of the cleaner head is designed to maintain optimum tightness with the floor surface.

Furthermore, the newly developed "Tangle Free Turbine Tool" is an accessory of "DC 46", which means that garbage and hair can be removed without becoming entangled with the brush. The two heads with brushes made of a flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane resin) are in oval shape reaching every corner, they rotate in the reverse direction, the head with the brush is not flat even on the surface It is designed to keep stable contact and removes hair and dust at the edges and corners of the stairs.

The body size is 221 x 448 x 292 mm (W x D x H), the body mass is 6.55 kg for the motor head type, and 6.23 kg for the turbine head type.

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