"Dyson Carbon Fiber DC 26" actual operation review that the operation feeling became dramatically lighter

Dyson's new product "Dyson Carbon Fiber DC 26" was exhibited at the recital, so I tried various cleaning and tried cleaning.

Speaking of Dyson's vacuum cleaner it's powerful, but on the other hand there are images such as "heavy" and "noisy", but this time the new product has a considerably lower operational feeling than the previous one by renewing the material of the nozzle part It was getting.

Details are as below. A tent is set up in the space next to the hall where the presentation was done, and it is vaguely light. What is it like being a gimmick? I do not understand why, but I feel pretty cool for the time being.

There were two tents installed, one of which was a trial use space. A real tatami mat is placed, and a staff member garbage the trash there, and you can try to suck it. Tatami will become pretty quick to suck up quite a lot.

On the other tent there is an exhibition of real machines and panels. The history of development and its result carbon fiber brush.

Since static electricity is generated in general nylon brushes, in this new product, the part of the red nylon brush and the part with longer hair than thatCarbon fiberBy combining brushes, it is said that it became possible to suck dust without causing static electricity even if the brush was rotated at high speed.

A nylon brush that is flashed red in red, a carbon fiber brush that is black and round. The carbon fiber brush is soft and feels like horse hair.

A state of comparative experiment with another vacuum cleaner was also exhibited.

The right is "DC 26" of the preceding item, the newly released "Carbon fiber DC 26". We used aluminum until the material used for the nozzle "DC 26", but in order to achieve weight reduction from this timeABS resinWhenpolypropyleneWhen we changed to 6.26 kg, the weight of the main body was 5.88 kg and 400 g became lighter, and as the parts we had on our hands were lightened, it felt very light when operating.

A silent structure was also added, and the sound was suppressed as compared to the previous models.

This is a head part that used technology "V-Ball technology" which has been adopted from the old model all the time. Because it is a ball type, it makes a fairly organic movement with a squirrel. I felt it was too easy to move freely to the body which is used to the head of an ordinary vacuum cleaner, and it seemed to be hard to handle, but as for flexibility to fit everywhere it is truly.

Although suction power is well-established from past models, it was light maneuverability that personally was pretty impressive. It is much lighter than the old model and it is considerably easier to use for persons who want to move the head in conjunction with things such as raising and lowering the head of the vacuum cleaner when cleaning the carpet and others placed on the floor felt.

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