A button to let you "snow" on YouTube appears, and it accumulates more and more during playback

I thought that snow was observed on Google, this time it's first snow on YouTube.
New on Youtube (Snow on video) - YouTube

The way is easy, just click on the snow crystal button on the bottom right while playing the YouTube movie

Then the button turns red and snow falls steadily. As the mouse approaches, snow will fly away.

If you leave it alone, it accumulates more and more.

If you look closely around the seek bar before playing it has become a crystal mark of snow.

That's why I tried leaving how far I could stack it

After a few minutes, this time I will not sustain the weight, I will sink, the art is fine!

Even if you type "let it snow" on YouTube search, it will snow as well as Google

However, here the screen does not become cloudy

And as you see, it melts quickly without accumulating

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