Video clock built-in clock that can record 12 hours with motion detection

When installing the camera for crime prevention purposes it is troublesome to have to buy special equipment. However, if it is a simple thing, if you want to keep it for the time being, there is a hand to use this video clock built-in clock.

Ultra compact video camera (clocked hidden camera) EEA-YW 0404 【esupply)

This is an item with a table clock (alarm clock) and an ultra compact video camera united together, allowing you to take still pictures and movies by remote control operation and take pictures in response to things that move in front of the camera by the motion detection function It is also possible.

Charging is about 4 hours via USB 1.1 and 2.0. You can charge from the AC power supply or notebook PC.

Recording time can be recorded from full charge for 12 consecutive hours, if it is only voice, continuous 25 hours of recording. The image resolution is 640 × 480 and 1280 × 960, and it is output as an AVI file. The recordable range is about 40 square meters. As for the performance, there are many evaluations "This is the price if it is in this price zone", and the camera is pointing a little obliquely upwards, so it seems necessary to take a bit of care when setting up.

A movie actually touching this video camera built-in clock is here.

Spy Clock Security Hidden DVR Camera Motion Detector DV - YouTube

By the way, it seems that the woodgraining model was sold in the same performance (same product) in China.

Spy Camera Alarm Clock (Motion Detection + 4 GB Memory + High Definition)

When you open the lid behind it, there is a lithium ion battery. As mentioned above, USB charging, so there is no need to open here.

If you raise the cover on the right side of the main unit, the power switch etc. will appear. "TF Card" is a microSD card.

In eSupplyVoyeurism with the clock is not permitted.Although the notice is attached, chinavasion shows such an image which briefly describes the purpose, and the stance seems to be slightly different for a moment.

The price is 4930 yen in the price of e-supply, but if you search by etc. you can buy a cheaper price because you can find exactly the same product although model number etc. are different.

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