Movie "Washlet & Japan Vol. 1" which explained the unavoidable relationship between Japanese anime and bashlet and geek

A campaign on Facebook called "WASHLET & amp; JAPAN" supported by TOTO is blowing obliquely upward, and the terrible conspiracy to disseminate it overseas by confusing the subcar culture represented by Japanese animation with the washlette It became clear that there was secretly developed there.

WASHLET & amp; JAPAN | Facebook

Regardless of who watching it is clearly trying different cultural invasion Playing a shivering movie is from below.

Washlet & amp; Japan Vol.1 (Japanese ver.) On Vimeo

Documentary chick narration "water, it is the source of life ...", with Japanese style BGM, and prejudiced image image

"Japanese people have prospered while closely related to water since ancient times ..." and the narration will continue grimly with the feeling that

"Washlet is also one of the Japanese culture that cherishes water."

"Well then let's introduce how to use washlets together with Japanese culture" today, something disgusting.

Washlet and Japan

"There are many nerds in Akihabara, the center of subculture"

"Who the hell is Otaku?"

"It can not be answered easily,"

"Otaku generally equips headband with bandana, glasses, backpacks, posters, explores certain hobbies and fields deeply, and gets all things involved."

"A washlet that scrubs dirt with less action is also no exception."

"It surely collects for storage, ornament, missionary"

"This is a toilet that became the stage of the extremely popular anime refreshing angel Washlette"

"Washlet is a story of a girl who came from the world's washtolet of the future in the 1000th year on the right side to protect the peace on the earth"

"A sweet romance story with Mitarai Mamoru (accidentally Mamoru Mamoru) and a fierce battle with Daibou Botton"

"Also boosted by the eco boom, now Akihabara has become a washlette one color"

"This is the toilet where Washlette first appeared"

"From the geek is called a sacred place, on the Internet bulletin board the photos of this toilet are uploaded one by one and I do not know where the popularity fades again"

"Let's see how to use a typical geeklet's gesture"

"First, I will post a poster"

"We will set up a synthesized photo called Primula in the immediate vicinity"

"Next, I will sit on the toilet seat."

"Refreshing Angel Washlette-chan's first episode will be played, By experiencing the animation it will enhance the refreshing feel of the bidet and he will fly to the 2D world."

"Thank you for waiting, let's use a washlet, slowly and forcefully press the washlet button"

"Thanks to the washlets, I am withdrawn from discomfort, I am not caught by the pretentious beauty and appearance, and in a quiet silence we are now enjoying the ultimate refreshing feeling in otaku."

"Finally, I will take a decision pose of Washlet," An angel who needs no paper, washlette! Clean brilliantly! "

That's why I will explain the relationship between more beautiful Japanese culture and otaku and will welcome the endings indiscriminately and quietly

Looking carefully, it is "Vol.1", not only the English version but also the French version also exists, leaving it unattended leaves more and more multilingual development, furthermore the second and third bullets appear There is almost no mistake just to get the world into the melting crucible. What is that?

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