Shock freeze-dried croquette "Maru-chan Hokkoku croquette soba"

What is croquette buckwheat is something that puts a croquette on a handkerchief and is a classic menu at the standing eating soba shop in eastern Japan (especially Kanto), famous as a B grade gourmet, and only in the Kanto region It is not expected to penetrate into a wide area ", written in the release of Toyo Fishery known as the Maru-chan brand, invasion began towards the whole country on Monday, November 14, 2011 It was.

Notice of "Hokuhoku no Croquette Soba" "Atsuta Kenshin Wind Udon" New Release · Renewal Release | News Release | Corporate Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

This is Maru-chan's "Hokkoku Croquette Soba" (170 yen excluding tax)

How croquette is treated "quickly", so detailed explanation of the contents is not given

365 kcal per meal, salt equivalent is 5.3 g.

The contents are soba, and powder soup or something ... croquette named.

This is freeze dried croquette, really simple.

Pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

The croquette absorbs moisture and swells, and it is completion of a croquette soba which is fluffy from the beginning.

Although it is an instant, this croquette, the flavor of lard has a taste like a butcher's croquette, and in the metropolitan areaHakone sobaThere is a croquette soba that has the opportunity to eat because there is something in the menu, but in other areas it can not be called a major, but it may spread to other areas as a result of this Mr. chan 's croquette soba ......

In addition, when you eat while reading the following entries which are talking about croquette soba like feeling like a shakyoukan, you will also have different taste depths.

Taste of croquette soba: Far east blog

Mary - chan 's croquette soba can not be summarized below.

The croquette soba P is also acclaimed! "Maru-chan Hokkoku croquette soba" Now on sale! - Various names

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