Freeze Dry Croquette Re-tasting "Vertical Big Hokkoku Croquette Soba" again

Croquette buckwheat noodles and croquettes on cold skewers, East Japan is a standard menu at the standing eating soba shop at the station. In Toyo Fishery's Maru, there is a crocodon noodle croquette soba called "MARUCHOKU Hokkoku croquette soba", but this time a new croquette soba noodle "Vertical Big Hokkoku and Croquette SobaIt was said that it was released, so I purchased and tried it.

Notice of new launch of "Vertical Big Hokukuokoro Croquette Soba"

This time it is not a bowl-shaped wide mouth type, it is vertical type.

Raw materials are here. As I thought, the croquette was handled "this time" again, and it is unknown what the contents of the croquette are.

Nutrition ingredients are here. The calorie per meal (92 g) is 418 kcal.

Cooking method is here. It is said that hot water is sprinkled from above the croquette.

When you open the lid you can find it quickly, but of course it is croquette.

When opened it is like this. It looks like a chicken nugget.

Set it on the soba ... ...

Pour hot water.

After three minutes the croquette sucked in hot water and turned into a soft appearance.

If you try to ascertain the feeling of "croquette" and "croquette", it is too fluffy and it looks as you see. .

If you touch it, the prototype of the croquette will collapse as much as you touch it. What am I supposed to do ......

I barely succeeded in having croquettes with noodles. So I will accompany you with noodles. The croquette is a mouthfeel that is deep-fried deep-fried food, and the taste felt the flesh flavor faintly. Rather than enjoying the taste of croquette, it may be better to taste the clothes that made it deep-fried deeply impregnated with the taste of thick soup.

In addition, if it is vertical type, it is difficult to take out the item at the bottom, and it will be a bit difficult in the end.

For those who are accustomed to eating croquette soba, you should be able to understand the difficulty of "vertical cocktail croquette soba" which tried to reproduce the original taste in the limit of cup noodles, but croquette soba It is safe for beginners to try challenging after eating croquette soba which is not cup noodles at first.

Because taste is often greatly influenced by croquette soba "by what kind of croquette is included". If possible, juice will be caught in the clothes made by the oven toaster etc. after being crispy, such as croquettes will soak in, and when you put it in your mouth, it will leak out tightly and it will taste deliciously, but it will taste like a flavor I will. But if it is a superb croquette, it will be "what?", Moderately cheap croquettes, but croquettes that are not handmade are required.

Given the amount of sparseness around it, I think I can understand what line this aim was targeting for "Vertical Big Smoked Croquette Soba".

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