A movie that Zoro appears fighting during university lecture

Where a bag thief appeared during the lecture and was in trouble,Mystery ZoroIt is an exhilarating movie that came and will get rid of the thief.

Zorro Kills Thief in Lecture Prank (with Mariachi Band), University of Michigan - YouTube

This classroom is almost fully occupied.

The teacher is advancing lecture without knowing anything ... ...

A man who hid his mouth rushed in and steals a bag of girls who were in a nearby seat.

Instinctively the teacher is also laughing.

Pororon there ... and the sound of the guitar.

Behind the classroomMariachiAppears. Zoro is already waiting next to that.

The thief 's provocation of coming.

Zoro came running down the stairs.


Take a moment ... ...

To close battle again.

Zoro thrusts a thief by striking a momentary gap

Zoro who won won the bag back

And write "Z" on the blackboard ... ...

Rose gifts for girls students

I got dashing and left.

Everyone applauds in the classroom

Collaborators who have the same beard as Zoro are carrying the bodies of thieves

The teacher is not particularly angry, I made it as a chemical formula as if to incorporate "Z" left by Zoro into the lecture.

If such an event occurs, I feel that it seems to be able to overcome boring lectures as well.

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