"Street fighter online" event, full of maid's, photo & movie report

"Fuji Soft Akihabara Building" in Akihabara from 15 o'clock "Street fighter online mouse generationI went to the event of. People who did Costume playing cosplay appeared or got confused by each gaming media, it was getting messy, and there were plenty of maids, it became a fairly uncanny event.

So, the photo and movie of the situation on the day are from the following.
The state of the whole venue isThis articleAs you ask us to enter the venue and action figure on the desk "REVOLTECH (Revoltech)Discovered

This is Tunley

And Ryu

I can play with this feeling

That's why it's time. Opening

Iam trying

Strong service spirit

Chunley's kick flash explosion

I'm getting out of nowhere as to what kind of event I came

Chunlie appeared in bathing suit, what the hell is this relationship with this event ...?

Apparently, when you buy a street fighter online recommended computer, it seems that the same avatar item as this wearing swimwear gets gifted. Even though it is really real and swimwear ... ....

Start practicing before playing against each media

During practice……

When I look closely, I found Maid. Is this all ...?

Characters can be combined in this way. What is this.

Everyone's on the stage

Chun Li is also playing

Even if you are playing, it will be hard to respond as soon as you can ask for a pose

Swimsuit Chun Li is doing my best too

Maid also practices hard and practices

In other words, the street fighter online has to consider the possibility that the opponent on the other side of the net is a maid, too. It is a such a fool.

So, we started the media competition tournament

I do not understand anything any more. It transcends such a level like chaos.

The settlement will follow one after another while saying

Weekly FamitsuVsFigure KingIs a weekly victory for Famitsu. Truly Famitsu, it is not extraordinary.

GAME WatchVsIT MediaGAME Watch victory.

Akihabara TVVsQuant, Akihabara TV wins. Made strong.

PCfanVsJeeparaEven though PCfan was the only one, he won the victory.

The collapse begins further among the victorious media ...Weekly FamitsuVsGAME WatchFamitsu's victory.

Akihabara TVVsPCfanTo the victory of the Akihabara TV in no case. No, this maid is too strong, is it the hero who passed through the scene of brawl ... ... no doubt, this maid can trust everything.

Yes, the final is "Akihabara TV with Maid"Vs"Weekly Famitsu"In a different meaning, something called" summit decisive battle ". Which ones are you winning? The way to win interest is from below.

"Street Fighter Online" Final, "Akihabara TV with Maid" vs "Weekly Famitsu"

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