The event "Maids, Shrine maidens, Tunley and others gathered" "Dusk daughter large set! 2008" review

Not only the various maids, but also the street fighter Tunley, and Kanda Shinjin's shrine maiden participated in the watering event "Out of the girls gathering! 2008"I went to. This event that began in 2004 is also the fifth time this year,Kanda MyosinThis time it is the first time to do thoroughly up to a priest. I was able to witness a lot of extraordinary sight that the maids were lined up in the shrine and maid and shrine maiden and Chunley were showering together.

The whole picture of the event of seeing even daydreams is as follows.
I came to Kanda Myojin. Clouds slightly emerged on this day but in the afternoon it was clearly sunny and the temperature went up and it was a great daylighting day.

The grounds were already ready for shower water.

And in the distance the appearance of the maids and Ryu are visible.

Tunnely and maids enter the shrine as priestly priests "go on". The end of the line is a shrine maiden of Kanda Myojin.

The appearance of the maids moving to Gagaku to BGM is quite interesting.

I will disappear into the shrine one after another.

In the shrine, a priest for excellence by priesthood is done.

The shrine where Gagaku resonates.

In the shrine there is a sight that should not be impossible as maid or chunlie.

It is flash-fired only for rare sight.

Remission. It is a reverence of the participant.

Next, a celebration that prays for the success of watering and the safety prize of Akihabara.

Mai happy dance by shrine maiden "Shrine maiden dance".

Fukuzu giving blessings.

Two bowset clapping bowls (two crows and two applause a worship).

After the shrine, the maids gathered for the shower. Chunlie role of moderatorAkihabara TVMr. Hatsune Ron.

A maid that comes out one by one from the shrine.

Maids line up. Shrine maidens of Kanda Myojin are also mixed.

I will perform a celestial exhilaration of the water used by Shinto priests, water tub, 2 ℃ chari, Dalet character.

Maids watching seriously.

As you can see from this picture, the temperature before watering is 39 degrees, humidity 43%. The back part of the shirt was sticky with sweat.

Greeting from the Sanada representative of NPO corporation Ricolita organizing the water discharge event.

And to the striking water. Maid, Maiden, Mr. Chunlie volunteered watering "To cool"!

Looking at the movie is like this.

As a result, the temperature is 33.8 degrees. I felt that the heat coming up from the stone pavement was relaxed considerably at the venue.

After that, I transferred the place to Akihabara throughout, and the Akiba cooling strategy against three sisters was started. I was wandering around where I was doing, and found Tunley in front of Yodobashi Akiba.

Although watering began with the instructions of Chunley, it seems there was 43.9 degrees before Yodobashi Akiba ... ....

Yukata women and maids gathered together, calling on people in the town to shoot together.

Meanwhile, in front of Fuji Soft Building, Ryu, Tunley and Maid were striking water. It seems that it was 31.9 degrees here, it certainly was considerably cooler than others.

And finally when I went to Akihabara station, a ridiculous cedar was made.

I wonder if the heat has also become quite good if I water it so much.

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