Two movie elephants roll over children's pool

Two elephant elephants trying to enjoy the bathing are the movies that will fight for a monopoly on a plastic pool for children.

Even a child elephant is much different in size compared with a human child, so it seems difficult to play two friends at the same time, and there are some smiley things about skirmishes.

Bathing time of child elephants is from the following.Elephants in the Pool - CollegeHumor Video

The elephant elephant on the front side is lying all over and the child elephant in the back is being driven to the corner.

It seems like an elephant without a heart has a face that looks and triumph ... ...

But the elephant elephant is not silent either.

I try to raise a child elephant who is somehow lying down with my nose, but I can not get along quite well.

Elephant child elephant once goes out of the pool and attempts to stick from outside, but it seems that child elephant lying down has no effect.

I think that I accepted defeat ... ...

I tried to enter the swimming pool in an unreasonable position and slipped my legs slippery.

The child elephant who had been lying all the way at last finally got up with it. Even though I feel that the pool is too small in the first place, it seems that two skirmishes still continue.

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