A penguin who keeps failing just is pretty movie "Penguin Fail"

A movie that collects how the penguins failed justly, such as penguins that fall down on the ice and penguins that fail to jump and roll from the rock to the rollers are "Penguin Fail"is.

Penguin Fail - Best Bloopers from Penguins Spy in the Huddle - YouTube

Penguins running all at once to the sun.

A penguin that lowers his jerk to jump on a big rock.

I jumped with Pyonetsu.

...... I thought that it was slippery and hilarious on the ground.

Two penguins walking side by side with Tokotoko.


It is possible to somehow balance and avoid falling.

Two adult penguins are walking also here.



When I look at a penguin walking on ice, "Do you fall or fall? ...".

I caught in a hole.

I'm about to jump on the rock that stuck out.


Bashach and collide with the rock wall.

It will fall without power.

Then a child penguin spreading out his hand.

...... Stain and fall over in front of you.

A penguin that arranges the position so as not to fall on the edge of the rock wall.

However, efforts will be forced to fall.

Do it.

It sounds like a dive player.

You will be worried if you are watching the gangs hitting rocks.

Is it safe?

I got up with a lot of muku as if nothing had happened.

It seems that this is about to jump from rocky top.



2 animals that fall as folding Innovation Zube.

A penguin trying to go down again somehow.

After all it seems there was impossible, and it will fall.

Around the time ...


It still falls.

And the figure disappeared.

A baby penguin that keeps going with the parents after tomorrow.

While looking at the baby penguin while staring up, it was the parent penguin who broke the position.

Here is a child penguin standing upright in front of the parent of the parent penguin.

My posture collapses as I am pushed by the stomach of my parent penguin.

It's been a while.

In a hurry parent penguin came in for help.

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