Cat movie bothersome with balloons stuck with static electricity

A cat movie suffering from a balloon that does not leave herself clinging to his belly or leg with static electricity. If it is human it can be easily taken with hands, but it seems that it is not so if it is a cat, it seems that you are struggling to remove the balloon.

Details are as below.
A cat like a ride on a balloon.
YouTube - Staticy Cat vs. Balloon

However, even if it stands up, the balloon will remain as it is.

It seems that it got stuck with static electricity.

Even if I raise my legs, I can hardly come off.

I have got a strange position.

It also shows how to struggle with running and changing the way of walking afterwards.

Some cats are wearing several balloons.
YouTube - Static Cling Vs.Cat

A cat that is full of hair seems to generate static electricity easily by rubbing for a moment.
YouTube - balloon stuck on cat

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