Penguins sliding down to slip into the iceberg

A group of penguins jumps from the sea to the iceberg to jump and jump from one place to the next, but keeps falling smoothly without going well, it is a cool movie that feels good just by watching it.

The picture begins with an iceberg floating in the sea.

Suddenly one penguin jumped from the ocean vigorously!

However, the challenge falls vainly.

Another penguin likes to fly again ... ...

Because the iceberg stands out quite a bit, I can not fly well.

Challengers will appear from one to the next, and some penguins that can jump on will appear.

But the penguin who landed in the same place, was pushed as a penguin ... ....

Fall into the ocean with Dong Bong. Penguin who pushed also collapsed and lost balance.

The iceberg around the center of the screen is more gentle than elsewhere, so it seems that the probability of success when flying toward here is high.

However, other penguins will not miss this nice spot, and the subsequent penguins will push out the penguins that were in front.

And both of them dropped out as they slowed.

If it will fly even after this, here Koko, and the penguins have noticed, the destination where the flying moves concentrates on one point. Despite having jumped over, he stopped on the spot and got in the way a little from the other penguins is in the center of the screen, one animal who is twisting his neck.

Another penguin creeps behind this penguin.

It is not certain whether or not you complained "It's disturbing!", But I will try to push it off from the back.

People who are pushed also show brilliant footsteps, not leaving being torn.

However, as a result, both of them are Donbones to the sea.

Please also enjoy the movie with the penguins flying next to next.

YouTube - Penguins up and down from Iceberg

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