A business card aiming to remain in the impression of the opponent by winning in design Summary

Often it is impossible to remember the face and name, "Which business card belonged to whom? So it is one of the essential strategies for anyone to devise and impress the name and impression of the opponent by devising the color and shape of the business card. It is useful to know that there are also the following designs when actually making it yourself.

30 new business cards - Best of march and april 2012 - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

01.Cartão Bigode
Kaiser beard is at work and it is taking care of on the business card.

It is dignified also for cats ....

The green part is the size of a normal business card. I will give you a big business card when you start working together.

03.Teal Davison Identity
To make it easier to find out from multiple pieces with color on the side.

04. Sugar Strand Cards
It is a handmade business card stamped.

05.Triangle Construction Company
A yellow triangle that draws attention is a business card of a construction company. Simple using the icon on the back phone number etc.

06. Suite. Erotic shop
This is a seemingly elegant matchcase, but ......

Actually it is a business card of an adult shop.

The Kinetic company's business card has the logo's K hollowed out

08.Studio Donkei
The business card of Donkei company is the street of the company name "Donkey", the illustration of the donkey.

09.None of your business card
Mechanism that you can know the name by opening the business card by cutting it along the Kiritri line

10.Tayfun K Business Card
Blue bright business cards for the sea man.

11. Business cards - screen printing
A business card that prints on cardboard etc. on a screen. It is simple, but it takes time and effort.

12.Pop Grub
Cooking community site business cards are logo inspired by tart type.

13. Business card
The menu icons of the camera line up are photo gallery business cards.

14. Pappas
I can see it as a tag of clothes, but it is actually a business card of a haircut. A mark of a razor under the character of pappas.

15. Designed To Pitch: Alternate Expressions Business Card
I think "simple, what is normal" on the simple business card on the left side, but as I break it along the Kiritri line with a tepid ......

"Because nobody notices" normal "(because no one notices" normal ").

16. Cocotte
The business card of French restaurant in Little India is wine cork.

17. My Business Card
Combination of various design fonts.

18. Boon Corporate Identity
It is a device that makes the word "Modern" conspicuous well from afar.

19.Keg & Bottle Business Card
A design like shadow pictures of bottles and barrels lining up.

20.IS Creative Studio / business cards 2nd edition
Gradation from side pink to red is manual coloring.

21. HUB Business Cards
The logo and the rim are three-dimensional in this way.

22. Business cards
The clothes shop's business card looks like it can be selected according to the fashion of the day.

23. Darryl Jingwen Wee
Business cards using handmade paper seem to be texture that seems to be impressive when handed.

24. Business Cards
By increasing the variations of the pattern, when delivering to multiple people at the same time at the same time "I'm such a pattern," "This one is different from the one like this" and ingenuity to bring out the conversation.

25. Art Center BELGIE
Business card of the art center designed to unify completely with images of other posters.

26. Lopes Brenna Architetti © FIBA ​​+ FEB Design
I think that it is a white logo in the surplus, the logo has been subjected to laser cutting.

27. ACRE
The measuring instrument company that makes yellow a corporate color, the business card is also eye-catching yellow.

28. Emisfero Group Branding
Design with incisions.

29.rodaq | Identity |
Since it is a business card of a web designer, it is a strategy of impressing a portrait.

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