30 business cards with uniquely designed and unique impact that you can not forget once

Thirty pieces of unique and impactful business cards that would make me think "Oh, that business card ......" by collecting business cards similar to other people and having difficulty remembering their faces and names Of "30 Creative Business Card Design Ideas"is. None of them are unique designs such as color usage, shapes and materials, which have been filled with details to the fullest, and how can I impress the opponent? I understand well that.

30 Creative Business Card Design Ideas | Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content

◆ 01:Graphic design · Art direction officeGabe FerreiranBusiness Card.

It looks like characters that jump out when piled up.

Looking at the angle of Naname, it looks like this.

◆ 02:Design officeEddy OkunA little unforgettable form of rocket type.

◆ 03:It is a handmade business card with slightly unusual material.

◆ 04:It seems that characters are being beaten by handwritingdesign

Compared to the notebook this is about this size.

◆ 05:BakerPARK BAKER & SONSThe business card looks like handmade.

Design like stamped push.

◆ 06:A unique business card called colorful and rectangular has a swan mark.

It is a folding type.

◆ 07:Russian company designing Web and mobile contentsWhitescapeVivid design that is a combination of pink and black.

◆ 08:Design officeBarefoot StudioThere are footprints that are logo marks on business cards.

◆ 09:A company that designs various contents here as wellLemon GraphicBusiness Card.

◆ 10:Blog introducing creative content and productsUbe.ieEric's business card that runs the gold leaf on the black background attracts an eye.

◆ 11:ArtistJohn VelezDo you have a business card silhouette of your face?

◆ 12:DJ · Music ProducerTom Harris BusinessIs pushing out a unique font to the whole surface.

◆ 13:This was made with the concept of ZenSUBLIMEOBusiness Card.

◆ 14:The design of oil painting palette which understands at a glance that it belongs to an artistMirosedina Elena'S.

◆ 15:Italian graphic design officeTriciclo.stA business card with photos of.

◆ 16:I am a dentist's business card but I am a dentistTodd HughesHe says that he likes animals enough to hold a zoology degree, and if rather speaking it is extruding animals.

◆ 17:Game journalist Fabio Bortolotti's business cardInvader typeTransparent ones.

There are 4 kinds of colors red, blue, orange and yellow.

Looking from the side it is like this.

◆ 18:Project to think about food safety and food educationFeeding The SelfThe edge of the business card is broken.

◆ 19:Freelance art directorPablo Abad'S business cards are scattered alphabetically by their names.

Embossed on the surface and feel the attention to detail.

◆ 20:Creative StudioLaser CreativeLaser CreativeThe card of the maple of the mapleWood made by laser cuttingOf things.

◆ 21:We are making wooden smartphone accessories etcCarveOnBusiness cards are also made of wood.

◆ 22:Colorful and pop business card design officeAdams MoriokaOf things.

◆ 23:The embossed two-color business card has become a retro impression.

◆ 24:Internet marketing company'sEyeflowDesign with a hole in the center of plastic.

◆ 25:It is stamped on the potted lipMakeup artistBusiness Card.

The back side looks like this.

◆ 26:Wooden item production companyWalt's Wood WorksMy wedding cards are warm carvings.

◆ 27:Design wooden furniture and buildingsCider PressIs a paper business card with apple marks, but it is still a design that feels simple and warm.

◆ 28:Acoustic studioScizorsThe business cards are shapes of mascot character robots.

There are two kinds of colors.

◆ 29:I know that it is also a photographer at a glanceTian Lan'S unique piece.

The lens is designed to come off.

On the back side there is information such as telephone number and address.

◆ 30:Cutting out business cards makes it a gun shapeBuilt-To-Spec.comOf things.

Incidentally,It is also possible to actually purchase. It is made of rubber, and the price is 5 dollars (about 400 yen) each of white and black.

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