I tried "Range Pot Soba" which packed fried potatoes warm soba noodles

Eat fried fries with potato beside itPotatoes"Is now a standard product of Hankyu's side, and furtherPotecalley sobaYaPote Udon BreadDerived menus such as are also appearing. Meanwhile, Circle K Sunkus' noodle menu also included fries potatoes "Range potato soba"I bought it and tried it at once.

The first convenience store! Commercialize buzz near buzz! Hot noodle "Range potato soba" From September 1st at Circle K and Sunkus in the Kanto / Nagano area

"Range Pote Soba" is in a bowl-shaped white package.

The appearance that potato stands up with Dawn on the side is Hankyu Soba's "Potatoes"Same as.

Calories are 383 kcal per package. Noodles are included in 150 grams.

Warm up with the range before eating, peel off the plastic packaging outside the package ... ....

Open the lid while pulling on the inner sheet.

Fried potato fried in brown fox color upon opening was still served and it covered almost all the bowl surface.

It's not as crispy as freshly fried potatoes, but it does not suck, but thanks to the fact that it was partitioned by a sheet, it does not suck juice and keeps the shape of potato firmly.

When eating with potato alone, it is somewhat salty, it feels just right to eat it while dying in tsuyu. Anyway the stomach swells with full volume.

Blue paste is sprinkled from the beginning to the French fries, but if you add the plus blue paste attached, you will be able to enjoy the flavor like potato chips' "grilled taste".

Buckwheat noodle with soba sauce was blended with chewy fine noodles and it seems that you may eat it as chilled soba without warming it because it was slightly hardened after warming in the range.

If you eat fried potatoes and soba together, you can enjoy contrasting texture of soft potatoes and hardened noodles.

The soba noodle soup is a thin type of rare sweetness in the Kanto region, and the flavor of the bonito is effective. It was a seasoning closer to Kansai, similar to soup of Hankyu soba, the former ancestor of Pote.

In addition, "Range Pote Soba" is a limited item of Circle K Sunkus in the Kanto / Nagano area, and the price is 360 yen including tax.

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