'Myojo Dark Ze! Ippei-chan BIG Pork Tamago Udon / Pork Onion Soba' tasting review that realized a junk double dashi by 'kneading pork dashi into soba and udon noodles'

Speaking of udon and soba, 'the light taste of bonito and kelp' is the standard, but the taste of seafood dashi is kept as it is, and the double soup stock is realized by 'kneading pork soup stock into noodles'. Ippei-chan BIG Pork Tamago Udon / Pork Negi Soba ”has been released on February 7, 2022 (Monday). I actually ate udon and soba, which are said to have a strong and strong taste.

'Myojo Dark! Ippei-chan BIG Pork Tamago Udon / Pork Green Onion Soba' (Released on February 7) | Myojo Foods


The newly released 'Myojo Dark! Ippei-chan BIG' package looks like the following. The left is pork onion soba and the right is pork egg udon.

Let's start with the pork onion soba.

Calories are 398 kcal per 91 g of meal.

If you look at the raw material names, you can see 'pork extract' in addition to wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and egg flour in the fried noodles. In addition to bonito extract, the soup contains pork extract, dried bonito powder, and mackerel powder.


You can see the seasoned pork and green onions on the fried noodles.

Add hot water ...

Wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, mix well before eating.

The noodles are about halfway between 'cup noodles' and 'cup ramen noodles', and although they are not strong, they have a soba scent and a unique texture is reproduced. However, because it was fried noodles and pork broth was kneaded into it, it had oiliness and junk like cup ramen.

The soup has a darker shade, but if you imagine 'a strong taste like ramen', you might be overwhelmed. It is a product that you can enjoy 'a little junk and a stronger taste than ordinary soba', and when some people ate it, it was well received as 'it has a satisfying taste' and 'it has a stronger taste than ordinary soba'.

Next, I will try eating pork egg udon.

Calories are 400kcal per 90g of meal.

The raw material name 'Aburaage Noodles' also contains pork extract. In addition to pork extract, the soup contains kelp extract, mackerel powder, soda tsuobushi powder, and kelp powder.

When opened, it looks like this. Contains seasoned pork, eggs and green onions.

Add hot water and wait for 5 minutes.

When I actually tried it ...

It looks like a normal udon noodle, but while you can feel the flavor of fish and shellfish soup stock, you can also feel the umami of junk pork. The chewy noodles were very satisfying to eat, and even though they were light udon noodles, they had a mysterious degree of perfection that satisfied the desire to 'eat junk food' for some reason.

In addition, Meisei is dark! Ippei-chan BIG is 198 yen excluding tax for both pork egg udon and pork green onion soba.

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