Nissin "Tsurubashi Fugetsu Moon Kimchi Yakisoba" is a raw kimchi and a thick man decided

"Tsurubashi Fugetsu moon kimchi yakisoba" which reproduced Kimchi fried noodles of Osaka famous Okonomiyaki Okonomiyaki store "Tsurubashi Fugetsu" was on sale so I bought it and tried it at once. It is said that it is on sale from March 4.

"Genuine curry udon" which was re-released at the same time as this product,The taste that I praised previously for GIGAZINESo it seems that I can expect a little.

Details are as follows.
Completely sealed packaging sheep, Kayaku (Kimchi), liquid sauce, watery (dry), powder sauce is contained.

Kimchi is raw.

I can open only dry milk and noodles.

Pour hot water, wait for 1 minute, loosen it, add powder soup, liquid soup and mix it, then put the kimchi at the end.

Although I tried to eat it, it is very delicious when sauce is frequently stuck to thick noodles. And because of raw noodles, it is very rich in noodles. At the beginning Kimchi began to eat it was not so spicy, but it was a spicy pile with jiwiwa after peculiarity of red pepper. Is this the power of raw kimuchi? It's so hot but tasty. The amount of kimchi is large.

Cabbage is the same as UFO etc. As well as meat, sauce is often soaked in.

It was a dish that sweated from eating with too much hotness, but I thought this was very tasty.

The official page is here.

The taste of Osaka's popular store "Tsurubashi Fugetsu" "Improvement" appeared as a cup of taste

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