Kinki recreation rate is high Kinki's Kinki limited curry udon "Toshi"

From the Nissin Foods of Cup Noodle Limited "Kamaito · Curry Udon" was released on September 19, 2006 only in the Kinki area. The price is 260 yen including tax.

It seems that curry udon soup is pretty obsessed pretty much, so if you go for rice this way it is likely to be true for curry rice. Feel like sweet curry rice.

That's why I tried making it like this.
Curry udon and curry rice

Contents is like this. Udon noodles of raw type. Curry paste is the point that exists.

I will finally put in such a feeling

I also add curry paste and powder soup

Four minutes later

At first it was quiet, I did not expect it at all, but this is really delicious. Until now I have eaten curry udon in various ways, but I feel like I am out of the group in instant. How is this curry made from what kind of recipe, sweet but not too sweet, moderately hot. I would like you to have cup noodle curry taste with this curry taste ...... Because it was too tasty, I replaced it with another container without thinking the soup after eating it and used it for dinner.

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