Maru-chan "Okay bakery's curry soba southban" is quite Japanese style

Ordinary curry udon is strong and thick and has a rough feeling, but since it is a strange "curry tsuyu" feeling, it seems that the Japanese style is reproduced quite well. It may be delicious to make vegetables or other boiled cooked things with the remaining juice.
Package looks like this, why "Soba" is small

The contents are like this

Powder smoothness ~

I tried putting a piece

So, it comes down to the finished photograph at the top, but if you eat it for the first time, I have the impression that it is hard. As a result of comparing eat with normal Raccoon of normal Mr. chan, the penetration rate of hot water seems to be different. Absorption is good if it is probably normal soup, but this time curry tsuyu seems to take a little extra time until it penetrates because there is a lot of oil. So, the timing to eat may be important.

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