"Matsutake mushroom rice dish" made with Matsutake powder and Ellingi without using matsutake

Depth of autumn also deepens and the appearance of matsutake mushrooms decreases. Today these days I thought that I wanted to serve pine - mushrooms for GIGAZINE 's lunch, but the matsutake mushrooms are expensive anyhow. So I came up with "Matsutake mushroom rice cake"is.

What to prepare is instead of pine mushrooms, raw shiitake mushrooms and eringi, white rice, soup stock, soy sauce, and fragrance of matsutake.

The main ingredient of the fragrance of matsutake is the name "Matsutake all", and this perfume itself can also be obtained on the net.

1-Octene-3-ol - Wikipedia

It is isolated from Matsutake, its structure is determined, and since it is a component contributing greatly to the fragrance of Matsutake, it has the traditional name of Matsutake All, Matsutake Alcohol.

The following fragrance of matsutake is "Matsutake Powder", which was purchased at the fragrance store in Kyoto, the former manufacturerOsaka fragrance Co., Ltd.It is.

First of all, shiitake mushrooms use only the part of the umbrella, Elingi uses only the part of the shaft. Thickness of 3 mm is appropriate. If it is too thin, it will not crunch.

This time I will make 3 combinations. Rice, water, soup stock are the same as ordinary cooked rice. As a point, when using a bonito skipjack, the taste of matsutake is compromised, so kelp is the best.

High, cooked. However, this is just a mushroom rice.

Next I will prepare Matsutake powder. This powder is white and fine powder and is water soluble. However, since it is vulnerable to heat, cook it and put it in.

Matsudake powder melts well if it is sake or cooking alcohol. About 1/4 teaspoon of perfume per 3 rice rice, about 3 tablespoons of liquor is a tablespoonful. Please increase or decrease as you like.

Please melt the white powder well. The same as Ajinomoto, the powder itself is a strange taste.

Add Matsutake powder to the rice paddle with a liquor made by cooking sake and mix it like cutting it.


Completion of matsutake rice dish. It is good with crunch and nice fragrance, almost pineapple rice itself.

Incidentally,Recipe using Nagatani's "Taste of Matsutake mushrooms"As the biggest difference with, there is no such ingredients as seaweed and so there is the merit of being able to "look away" at once. Furthermore, since Matsutake marrow, which is the main ingredient of the scent of matsutake mushrooms, is to decompose with heat, when using "Matsutake taste sucking things" it is being cooked and immediately after cooking "OnlyAlthough it smells nice, it gradually loses with the passage of time, but in the case of this method, like the real matsutake mushi rice by using Matsutake powder later, the scent lasts for a long time, That's why.

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