Mix rice with white rice crispy texture cooked into rice style "Musubi mountain red sea flavor & chicken osaka flavor"

When making red rice or cooked rice, it takes time and effort to prepare ingredients such as glutinous rice, red beans, chicken, but sprinkling sprinkles that can make red rice or chicken rice mixed rice just by mixing it with freshly cooked rice is Mitsukan "Musubi mountain" series of "Musubi mountain red sea flavor"Omusubi mountain chicken Okonomiyaki"is. I actually made and made sure whether I can reproduce the feeling of rice cake like rice cooked really in glutinous rice.

Musubi mountain red sea flavor: Product information | Mitsukan group products · menu site

Omusubi mountain chicken omelette flavor: Product information | Mitsukan group products · menu site

"Omusubi mountain red sea flavor" and "Omusubi mountain chicken osaka flavor" are marked with a package written as "Musubi mountain" on the front large.

It is said that just by mixing it with rice, mixed rice with mochi texture is completed.

I was wondering what kind of mechanism is creating a rich sense of touch and looking at the back of the bag ......

"Rice flour" was written at the top of the raw material. Apparently, by covering the surface of the white rice with powdered crushed glutinous rice, seems to reproduce the mouthfeel of the cooked rice. "Musubi mountain red sea flavor" contains salt, sugar, flavored azuki bean, black sesame etc. in addition to glutinous rice flour.

Rice ingredients such as rice flour, chicken flavor granules, salt, chicken extract, soy sauce, chicken fat, chicken, flavored radish leaves, etc. "Omusubi mountain chicken osaka flavor"

To make rice cake mix rice, just sprinkle a teaspoonful of powder of warm rice 0.5 g (160 g) and mix it.

When opening the bag of "Musubi mountain red sea flavor", it contained fine reddish purple powder and red beans of grain.

That's why we prepared about 160 g of cooked white rice.

From the top of the rice, sprinkle a teaspoonful of Muisubi mountain evenly.

Mix the whole thing with a paddle and a spoon so that the powder fits.

I was trying to mix rice for a cup of tea, but powder and rice were not uniformly mixed, so I tried mixing half the amount.

Completely cooked rice with a red, rice dish in its entirety, although it can not go up to the original red rice cooked with glutinous rice and red beans.

Next I will also make "Omusubi mountain chicken osaka flavor". The bag contains fine powder of light brown color, you can feel the flavor of chicken like consommé soup.

As before, sprinkle a teaspoonful of powder into a cup of tea.

Since it was difficult to mix, I put it in the bowl and stir it, I could smoothly mix powder and rice.

I wrapped it in a rap and tried making rice balls.

Looking at rows of "rice balls with red-rice flavors" and "rice balls with mountain chicken osaka flavors", it looks like this.

When eating mixed rice with red rice flavor, the taste of the sesame salt is felt first, the taste of red rice is reproduced completely by the combination of the sweetness of the azuki beans and the goose roe. There is a dusty stickiness that is different from white rice, and it does not seem to be just mixing powder.

Next I will try mixed rice with chicken osaka flavor. Like the mixed rice with red rice flavor, the texture tends to be rich, and the taste of chicken dishes and soy sauce works. When making cooked rice, it is difficult to adjust the taste intensity after cooking, but it is also good if you can adjust the taste by the amount of powder if it is "Oumui mountain". It is perfect for lunch boxed rice, because you can make it sleep for a while after mixing and powder meets white rice, it has more texture like glutinous texture and chicken flavor.

When trying to eat a white rice which does not mix anything so as to confirm the richness, the feeling of stickiness is little when feeling bitten and the mouthfeel is smooth, "Musubi mountain" reproduces the mouthfeel that is clearly different from ordinary rice You can see that it is.

In addition, 'Omusubi mountain red sea flavor' and 'Omusubi mountain chicken osaka flavor' are 140 yen including tax respectively, and can be purchased at supermarkets etc. throughout the country.

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