"Omusubi mountain cherry mochi flavor" where you can get rice balls with cherry flavor just by mixing it with white rice

"Musubi mountain" which can make rice balls of various flavors just by mixing it in rice and reproduces the flavor of spring like cherry mouth "Musubi mountain cherry mochi flavor"Has appeared. As glutinous rice is contained, it looks like a true cherry mochi like "rich mochi" texture, so I tried what kind of finish it will be.

Musubi Mountain Sakura-mochi Flavor: Product Information | Mitsukan Group Products / Menu Site

Guide to the new product of Mitsukan in spring 2016 "Omusubi mountain grilled rice ball flavor" "Omusubi mountain plum juice okonomiyaki" "Omusubi mountain cherry mochi flavor"

Musubi mountain Sakura-mochi-style package, cherry-like soft pink tone of the keynote

It seems that cherry leaf powder and azuki beans are also putting out cherry-mouthness. In addition, it is a seasonal limited product for the season of cherry blossoms, again or so.

Looking at the back of the package, "glutinous rice flour" is included so that it will be "rich chewy texture" just by mixing it with rice.

When mixing, it seems better to sprinkle evenly so that it will not become uneven. Estimated quantity is 6 grams (1 teaspoon of teaspoon) against 0.5 rice (160 grams) of rice.

For each meal, the energy is 19 kcal and the salt equivalent is 1.7 g. Raw materials used are salt, seasoned azuki, glutinous rice flour, rice cracker, rice bran, cherry leaf powder and so on. Contents amount is 24 grams.

When I opened the contents, I thought that the brownish powder, the red bean grain, and the sesame seed came out. I think that it is more like a package like pink, it seems not so.

If you scoop with a spoon to try and put it in your mouth, you can see that it is a muffler like salt like salt, but the scent of cherry leaves feels sweet is exactly the atmosphere of cherry. When you bite a crispy azuki bean, you can see that it is sweetly flavored.

That's why 160 grams of cooked rice and musubi mountains are prepared

Scoop powder with teaspoon and mix it little by little.

Put on powder and mix, then repeat. If you work with two people, you can share it with the powder role and the mixer role, but if you make it by yourself it is OK if you divide it by 2 to 3 degrees.

As I mixed it, the color of rice turned pink.

Apparently, it seems that pink coloration emerges from mixing. It is certainly difficult to mix because it tends to be uneven, but if you continue to mix it gently for about 30 seconds it mixes evenly to some extent.

Completion of rice ball with mixed cherry blossoms is completed by holding the finished rice in a bale-like shape.

Azuki and sesame seems to be seen in a rice which has slightly pink color, and there is certainly a cherry felt atmosphere in the atmosphere. However, it seems to be difficult to make a rice ball dyed in pink like the one written on the package.

When I try to eat it, salted rice which seems to be rusted, and the flavor of cherry blossoms are felt, and at the same time, a mochi mochi texture by rice flour has been added and it feels a bit like eating real cherry. It was pretty good even if I packed it in a lunch because the slightly pink shade is pretty.

The "Omusubi mountain cherry-mackerel flavor" is on sale for around 140 yen and is on sale for a limited time.

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