I tried using six series of "Rice with Sticky!" Of Maruya who can easily enjoy various rice cakes such as Sakura · Sonda · Strawberry entrance rice cake

On New Year 's Day the rice cakes and rice cake will be active at the rice cake, but in January there are also many people who are full of freezers with rice cake which they could not eat in the second half. At such time, just by entanglement with rice cake it is possible to have various taste rice cakes such as "Sakura Ain no yu", "Wormwood Anne no yu", "Senda mochi no yu", "Anko mochi no yu", "Mitarashi no yaku no yu", "Kinako mochi no yu" It is possible to enjoy being Marumiya's "Together with rice!It is a series. Speaking of mochi Izabeaki and kinakora mackerel are classic, but I bought and tried using it because I wanted to eat a bit different.

Stick with odori-tei rice! Series | Maruya

Stuff with rice topped with! Spring filling (6 varieties) | Rice accompanied by Marumiya Mail order

The "prepared with rice cake" prepared this time is two kinds of "Sakura Ain no yuu" and "Wormwood noodle" for a limited time and "Regular menu" Sold by Momoti no yu "," Anko mochi no yu "" Mitarashi no Moto "A total of six types of" Kinako mochi no yu ".

There are different kinds of raw materials of 6 kinds of "rice cake and stuff!"

The calorie is the lowest in the single bag 39 kcal, the lowest calorie with 65 kcal of the Mitarashi mochi element.

There were 3 sachets written with a method of opening when opened.

When opening each bag, it looks like this. Four kinds of "Sakura Ain no yuu", "Wormwood noodles", "Anko mochi noodle" and "Kinako mochi noodle" contain freeze-dried anko.

Put a tablespoon of water ... ...

When mixed it looks like this. Only Mitarashi mochi's element became somewhat watery.

Next, prepare the mochi. This time Sato's Rice CakeCrisp and slitI tried using it.

It was recommended to boil the mochi in the recipe, but as a result of trying it several times, it was good to taste after burning and then boiling, so grill the rice toys ......

I baked rice cake into hot water.

Boil for about 30 seconds until it contains moisture and the surface becomes soft.

Take out boiled ......

Tangled with each element.

Sakura Ain 's element has little moisture, and it was hard for me to get involved with somewhat.

It was tangled firmly with raw elements.

It is like this when it is served on a plate. Lots of colorful rice cakes.

The cherry leaf / red beet pigment used is made of cherry-green leek and slightly pink color, freeze dried azuki bean can be confirmed.

Koshi-an is used for raw materials, but it also contains a lot of grain ash.

The taste of Sakura 's leaves is firmly felt, sweet and salty seasoned with salt effect. Konzan of freeze-drying, although the core of red beans remained although the powder was dissolved with hot water, the taste of red beans was felt firmly.

The mochi made with wormwort vinegar is closer to a combination of red bean and green tea in the atmosphere rather than wormwood.

Besides a deep green wormwood can also be confirmed a solid grain rain.

Although the taste and flavor of wormwood are somewhat weak, compatibility with azuki is also good. The sweetness is modest and seems to fit well with tea.

Mochi made with sesame mochi is a somewhat lighter green than wormwood green.

You can check grains of firmly soldered (edamame).

Although the dried element is returned with water, the flavor and texture are firmly retained, and full-fledged taste. Feeling the texture of bubble wrap of the solder is also good.

There are small strawberries in the raw fish paste.

There is a considerable amount of strawberry grains, and it looks like Ichigo Daifuku rather than octopus.

I feel it when I include it in the mouth, it is taste of anko, but afterwards the strawberry sourness spreads in my mouth, I feel the strawberry taste somewhat unnatural strawberries.

Mitarashi no rico has grain harness in it.

There was a considerable amount of grain harvest.

Slightly sweet, the taste of Mitarashi dumpling which feels the taste of soy sauce, the crispy texture of crushed powder is good. It is making interesting contrast of texture with soft rice.

Rice cakes made with rice flour are somewhat brownish in color with brown sugar.

You can also check the red bean of the grain.

As taste buds do not taste strongly, the sweet taste is somewhat more sweet with a combination of flour and black honey like warabi rice cake. Azuki bean grains remained considerably wicked.

"Stop with rice cake!"Marumiya Mail Orchaso"Stuff with rice cakes! Spring filling (6 types in)"It is sold at 756 yen including tax. It is especially recommended for those who have gotten tired of the same seasoning as the rice cake of New Year has surplus.

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