I ate "Kotobu" which made Kyoto Confection "Otabe" a bite size

Various shops deal with the Kyoto Confection "Raw Hachidobashi", but among them the well-known product name is "Otabe". That "Otabe" was made into a smaller size "This time"Since it is on sale from September 1 (Sunday), we decided to eat and see if there is any difference from the baby.

Autumn limited Tatami kotoba · Co., Ltd. Otabe

The package of this is like this. From the upper left corner clockwise "Package" "Chestnut" "Potato" "Matcha" package. A nostalgic and somewhat cute design.

When placing the box of "Otabe" which is 20 pieces in the neighbor next to you, you can see that the box of the bowl is quite small.

The top of the raw material is twisted. Every one seems to have more content than rice flour.

Rice flour is displayed on the top of raw materials in the case of ordinary size of rice flour.

The size of this box is about the size of a palm.

Remove the seal from the back ... ...

I will take a strip and open the box.

There are five bottles in the box. Open the vinyl and try to compare the size and weight with the baby.

The appearance is slightly small to a small extent as compared to a cabbage.

When it is piled up, it seems to be wrapped entirely in an ape.

The weight of the dish out of the dish is 15 g

The bread is 25 grams. Considering by weight, it is about 60% of the buds.

When you open the leather you will find that there are quite a few poultries.

This pasta taste is like this. It is smaller than the buddies, but if you do not know it may not notice.

You can see the flour on the surface of a little yellow skin.

When I try to eat it, I feel the texture of leather and spicy texture of Nikki, there is a taste of it, and I receive the impression such as the classic taste very much. Since I do not think that there is a difference from ordinary baby if only eating chicken, I try to compare with eaten as a precaution.

It looks a little bigger, it seems that there are a lot of antlers, it is somewhat inflated.

When I tried eating the cheese, I noticed that it was a completely different thing. Bean paste is mainly bean paste, I feel the taste of bean paste firmly. One side of a bean has little bean paste, so it feels like to enjoy the skin's rice cake. Due to the difference in ratio of bean paste and leather, it was completely different thing.

Matcha's package is a package mainly based on green.

Matcha also does not change even if you compare the size with an ordinate and an appetizer.

Again the bean jam is less. When examining all four kinds of kotobu, the proportion of cook and skin was larger in skin, · green tea · chestnut · potato.

Mattan 's tea is covered with kinaka on the skin with green tea.

There are plenty of mushrooms on the surface.

Combination of Japanese style stability of Matcha, Bean paste and Mushroom. Matcha has little bitter taste, making it easy to eat.

The chestnut illustrations are drawn clearly on the seasonal chestnut's kotoba.

Chestnut's comet has a whitish skin color.

Kinako is covered on the surface, and yellow chestnuts are visible through.

Chestnuts and white bean paste which were cut to a small amount when you try to eat are included, and it seems to be autumnish taste. A person who wants to feel the taste of chestnut is not a chickpea, but it is recommended to eat a caterpillar containing a lot of bean paste.

Illustrations of potato are also drawn in easy-to-understand seasonal sweet potatoes.

Purple potatoes are transparent throughout the white skin.

Kinako is also covered on the surface.

Compared to the appearance impact of purple, the taste and texture of the skin wins when eating with kotoba, the taste of potatoes diluted. The presence of the taste of Kinako powder was nothing less than potato and chestnut.

The price of this one is 368 yen including tax and can be purchased at the Otobe store in Kyoto city, online shop. Since sales are limited for the limited period until the end of November, it may be good to buy a kotoba at last for Kyoto sightseeing in autumn.

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