Purple's Warabirchi Mochi & Beautiful Kurosu Koaku Feeding Cream A lot of beard papa's 'Warabi Mushi Sho' is refreshing Japanese sweetness

" Warabichi Mushi Sho " appears in Beard Papa specialty shop puff shop from August 1, 2018 (Wednesday) only in the summer season. I tried to eat "Japanese" cream puff which was filled with plenty of rice crackers with savory Kurosu Kinako cream and pulp pleasant texture.

Seasonal event shoe: Warabichi sho | Specialty store for puff shoves Beard papa

We arrived at the freshly made studio by Beard Papa.

In the menu of the store, there was a place where the newly appearing summer "Warabichamichi" was conspicuous. I will place an order immediately.

In the freshly made studio of Beard Papa, a clerk stuffs the cream on the shoe cloth on the spot. Inside the shop, a freshly baked shoe fabric was drifting with a fragrant scent like freshly baked bread.

That's why I brought a cream puff. The box drew a limited time dinosaur.

"Warabichi Mushi Sho" (230 yen tax included) looks like this.

Warabimachi Shoe diameter is about 8 cm, the same size as normal puff cream.

At first glance it looks like a regular cream puff, but on the surface "Kinako" is sprinkled. When approaching, the fragrant flavor of Kinako flakes.

When you cut it, you can see that a slightly brown white "Kurosu Kinako Cream" is packed tightly in the shoe fabric. " Kurosu Kinako " is said to be Kyo Wind Kinaka, which is strongly roasted and has a strong eyelid.

Kurosu Kinako cream contains transparent "Warabimochi". When I try to eat it, it has a modest sweetness and a refreshing aftertream with a refreshing feel. Kurosu Kinako Cream is matched with a smooth cream with an unobtrusive sweetness that is perfect for the savory flavor of Kinako. Warabimo mochi is a slightly sweet and puffy texture. You can enjoy two types of texture on the inside and outside with shoes of texture made with beard papa's saucer. It was a cool looking warabi mouth and a Japanese-style sweetness that made it refreshing Kurosu Kinako Cream, I felt it perfect for the summer.

"Warabimechi shoe" is 230 yen including tax. It is a limited-time product scheduled to sell until August 31, 2018 by Beard Papa nationwide.

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