Nintendo's stock price recorded a depreciation stop, sales declines and loss prospects etc. had an impact

Nintendo is "As the circumstances changed greatly before release and at the present moment and we decided that there is a high possibility that many customers will not be able to create a future that will enjoy the Nintendo 3DS unless we take a drastic stepAs "To reduce Nintendo 3DS's main unit price by 10,000 yenI announced yesterday, but the stock price of the company today recorded a lack of stop today, which began overnight from the announcement.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. [7974]: Stocks / Stock Price - Yahoo! Finance

According to the stock market on July 29 today, the stock price of Nintendo, whose closing price was 14,100 yen the previous day at 9:47 am, fell by 3000 yen compared with the last day's closing price, falling to 11,100 yen , We are recording the depreciation of the stop.

Regarding the cause of such a drastic depreciation, as the exchange rate is moving at a higher yen than expected, as well as the drop in unit sales of Wii and the Nintendo DS series, and the reduction of Nintendo 3DS by 10,000 yen(PDF file)The earnings forecast for the period from April to September 2011 changed from a profit of 18 billion yen to a loss of 35 billion yenIt is thought that it had a big influence.

Although it seems adversity to Nintendo, recently, it was decided to continuously release the "Super Mario 3D Land" software for Nintendo 3DS in November, "Mario Kart 7" in December, and the popular Mario series in succession Along with the price cut of 3DS itself, it seems to be expected to demonstrate a great presence in the holiday shopping season.

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Nintendo Co., Ltd. [7974]: Stocks / Stock Price - Yahoo! Finance

Even at the Osaka Securities Exchange, the record closed at 9:49 am on the previous day's closing price of 14,000 yen to 2990 yen, becoming the lowest lows of 10,1010 yen. Although it has not become a stop stop, it is clear that the impact on the market was very big as well.

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