Nintendo significantly cuts "Nintendo 3DS", and also the continuous introduction of two new Mario

It was revealed that Nintendo will greatly reduce the price of the mobile game machine "Nintendo 3DS" released this February.

Also, the timing of introducing the new Mario series is announced.

(PDF file)Nintendo 3DS price cut guide From 11th August, manufacturer suggested retail price will be 15,000 yen

According to the press release of Nintendo, from 11th August, we will lower the manufacturer's suggested retail price of Nintendo 3DS from current 25,000 yen to 10,000 yen, to be 15,000 yen. This is a measure aimed at the year-end business tie with compliant software enriched and planned to be carried out overseas from July to September 2011.

In addition, it is decided to release the "Super Mario 3D Land" software for Nintendo 3DS in November and "Mario Kart 7" in December.

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