Nintendo announces release date and price etc. of the new type game machine "Nintendo 3DS"

At E3 which was held in Los Angeles, USA this June,Nintendo announced the new mobile game machine "Nintendo 3DS"However, it became clear that it is planned to announce the release date and price at last.

Details are as below.
Nintendo: 3DS price, release timing, scheduled shipment schedule for this term will be announced on September 29 -

According to Bloomberg's report, Nintendo is planning to announce the price, detailed release time of the new type handheld game machine "Nintendo 3DS" scheduled to be released during the current term, expected shipment during this term, and so on.

This was confirmed by telephone interview with Nintendo's spokesperson for the company, and it is said that announcement will be held on September 29 in Japan.

It is about September 29 when various industries begin to move towards the end-of-year sales battle, but will Nintendo 3DS be launched later this year?

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