"Healthya sparkling clear grape" tasting review promoting fat consumption review

This summer ""Pepsi Caribbean Gold" Sparrow is likely to get angry where the caribbean""Kirin raw tea the sparkling" that wants to shout that this is like this"As carbonated drinks with strong impacts are appearing in succession, I found a drink called" HERCIA sparkling clear grape "on the shelves of convenience stores, so I decided to drink it.

Kao Healthya Sparkling

This is "HERCIA sparkling clear grape".

Because it contains 540 mg of tea catechin, it promotes the combustion of body fat.

In addition to tea catechin, 2200 mg of citric acid and 160 mg of vitamin C are contained.

Pour into a glass and smell a light grape. After drinking, weak sweetness and slight bittern are felt in the first taste. After that the scent of grape drifts, the acidity peculiar to citric acid remains slightly. As a taste is not "tasty!", But it is a reasonable level if you think that it is a drink of specified health food (Tokuho) type. Many opinions came out that "it is easier to drink than the raw tea the sparkling".

Although tea catechin is contained, it seems that the taste of tea is hardly done, and it seems that it did not seem like a bad feeling due to the combination of tea and carbonic acid, but citric acid, vitamin C, Because of the combination of tea catechin, it somewhat remains in the aftertaste.

Because the scent of grape, the impression is quite different from tea, it may be a good change for those drinking Healthya from usual. I am not good at bitter tea, but maybe it is a good idea to try people who are interested in tea catechin drinks.

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