Creepy refreshing feeling, iced Menthol drink "Menthol Shock!" Review

On June 20 JT Menthol drink "Menthol ShockI bought it and tried drinking because it was released. It was released just in time for the hot summer, and it looks cool too.

By saying that it is an exciting mentholic drink born from strong carbonate and strong menthol, the package dances the word "unexperienced shigeki! Cool feeling penetrating!"

Polar bears are decorated with logos and emphasize their coolness.

It is a strong carbonated drink, and the sweetener uses sucralose.

Cap is JT's general purpose item.

I tried to peel off the label. It is colorless and transparent.

I only emphasized menthol, the taste inside the mouth at the moment I drank it. However, it is somewhat eerie somewhat due to the coolness that menthol brings, unlike when it's cool feeling is drunk with a chilled carbonated drink. Although it is close to a feeling like when you drink carbonated drinks while chewing gum of mint type, you can feel that you are going to smoke from the back of the throat rather than that. If you have the opportunity to drink, we recommend that you drink it after chilling the kinkin. It is not something you can drink when it gets greasy.

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