Even if the stimulus is up, calorie zero "Canada dry ginger ale spicy zero" tasting review

There are various kinds of "Ginger ale" as well, even if it says "Coke" in bite, there are many kinds such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola. Canada's dry ginger ale is the most accessible,WilkinsonAlthough the stimulation is mild compared to it, it is loved by many people because it is easy to stick to it.

However, after all it is a dry aftertaste of ginger ale. As a result, spicy ginger ale which increased stimulus by strengthening carbonation also appeared from Canada dry. Moreover, it is calorie zero, it is made for adults.

Personally I am happy that carbonation is strengthened, but what kind of flavor did it really endure? Review from below.
Japan Coca-Cola | Canada Dry Ginger Ale Spicy Zero CANADA DRY

The package is really simple.

Canada dry signs on the cap.

The top of raw materials is sweetenerErythritol. In addition to this, acesulfame K, sucralose is used.

Strong carbonation and dry aftertaste, and caloric zero. It seems that it is becoming a ginger ale for adults to enjoy.

I poured it into a glass.

There is only spying on his name, and certainly the ginger flavor is dramatically improved compared with the Canadian dry so far. The carbonation also becomes strong, and when you drink gokugoku at a stretch, your throat slips. However, although it is exciting, but the taste is refreshing, the sweetness drifting through the lukewarm of the artificial sweetener sometimes interferes. I think that it would be pretty good if it is supposed to be pretty refreshing when its sweetness goes down, even if you can suppress even the unpleasant feeling that can be expressed exceptionally well with sweetener.

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