The giraffe "Nuda grapefruit & hop" taste not to mention anything

Kirin Beverage bought NUDA's new product, "Nuda Grapefruit & Hop", which was newly released from July 24, and tried drinking it. I thought that it is like a carbonated drink with light taste because it is tasteless hop with sugar - free carbonated fruit juice, but it was a difficult taste to express with words at all.

Details are as follows.
Water soluble dietary fiber etc is contained.

Pour into the glass and try. I thought if it was clearly thin and green, it was the color of the label, and the liquid itself was colorless and transparent.

Carbonic acid is rather weak.

I imagined it was a slightly sweet micro carbonated drink, so I was quite surprised at the moment I included it in my mouth. Sweetness is almost zero. Because the bitter of hop runs through the whole face of the tongue, the one who stopped beer is not safe. It certainly feels like gently feeling grapefruit as aftertaste, but discomfort due to bitterness remains more than that. If you think that it resembles something,Rose natural waterI feel like. Although it was drunk by a few editorial staff, it was quite disappointing. Was not it easy to drink for a while?

The site of NUDA is below.

Kirin Beverage | NUDA

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