Denny's peach desert 4 kinds using peaches thoroughly sticking to review

"BAKUHAM." 2nd bulletContinue to.Denny'sI started ordering four items of desserts using peaches newly from July 21, so I ordered immediately.

Drinks arrived first. This is a seasonal ice peachy. It is quite sweet and strong iced tea, which may not be suitable for matching with ordinary food.

AndPeach's fresh. It seems that this product is made by placing the peach together with the skin with a mixer after ordering, you can taste the flavor of a rich, delicious peach.

Rush into the real dessert. First of allPeach and milk Yogurt's refreshing dessert.

Milk jelly with yoghurt flavor is spread and peaches, ice cream, and sorbets are on it. Each milk jelly is handmade at a store. A little yoghurt - like sour taste complements the sweetness of peach 's gentle sweetness, and the presence of a peach - flavored white spot is also a nice place.

Cool breeze peach jelly.

Peach is not too soft, but in Denny's it is stuck with sugar content, hardness and color of peach, so too soft things may be repelled at the time of delivery.

Pepper jelly is what looks like a plump jam.

Although the sweetness of peach is not rich, it is solid, and the impression that the balance of taste is good overall on the whole. I feel that it is not a product that relied solely on peach's taste.

The endMini parfa of peach and milk pudding and special Sunday of peach cake.

This is a mini parfait.

This is Sunday. Sunday is like a perfect version of Parfait.

Of course the peppers are tightly packed, but the milk pudding used for both Parfait and Sunday is delicious. A good sweetness is outstanding compatibility with peaches and whipped cream. Rich milk taste may match peaches.

If you like peach, it is probably a satisfactory lineup, so please visit and eat it.

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