I tried McDonald's three new works such as 'Salt Butter Caramel Frappe & Macaron Vanilla' which became even more luxurious with macarons attached to a very sweet caramel frappe

From McDonald's, ' Salt Butter Caramel Frappe ' using fresh Hokkaido cream and rock salt from Lorraine, ' Salt Butter Caramel Frappe & Macaron Vanilla ' topped with macarons, and 'Espresso-based latte with white chocolate flavored syrup'. White chocolate mocha ”, chocolate mousse, strawberry and raspberry puree layered “ choco cassis cake ” appeared at once. I was wondering what these new works taste like, so I actually tried them.

Exciting reward! 4 kinds of new drinks and sweets are available for the holiday season! 'Salt butter caramel frappe' using Hokkaido fresh cream & rock salt from Lorraine


I bought 'Salt Butter Caramel Frappe & Macaron Vanilla', 'White Chocolate Mocha' and 'Chocolate Cassis Cake' at McDonald's. Choose M size for each drink. In addition, 'Salt Butter Caramel Frappe' and 'Salt Butter Caramel Frappe & Macaron Vanilla' are sold only at McCafé by Barista stores and some stores, so be careful when you want to purchase them.

Salted Butter Caramel Frappe & Macaron Vanilla comes with macarons as its name suggests. Whipped cream, caramel sauce, and almonds are topped on a frappe base that combines caramel paste, butter, and rock salt.

The sweet taste of caramel stands out in the frappe, and after the sweetness of the caramel passes through the mouth, the rich buttery taste rushes in. It also contains crispy fine ice, so you can enjoy the texture.

Macarons are as sweet as frappe. It has a moist texture with a vanilla flavor, and the sweetness stands out even more when eaten with a frappe.

Next, I will drink white chocolate mocha. Whipped cream and white shave chocolate are topped on the surface. Served hot.

It is said that white chocolate flavored syrup is added, but the taste is slightly bitter because the base is espresso. Even so, the white shave chocolate brings a sweetness that stings, so it was finished in a drink that occasionally felt sweetness in bitterness. As time went on, the white shaved chocolate melted into the drink, so it might be a good idea to mix it a little first.

Next, I will eat 'chocolate cassis cake'. The cake is divided into several layers, and it is said that chocolate mousse using genuine fresh cream, cassis chocolate mousse that feels faintly sour, cocoa sponge, strawberry and raspberry puree are overlapped.

When you take a bite, the sourness of cassis spreads in your mouth, and you can feel the bitter cocoa taste afterwards. Although the puree at the top has a sweet finish, the aftertaste is slightly bitter because the other layers emphasize bitterness. It seemed that there was a difference in taste between the bitter white chocolate mocha and the sweet salted butter caramel frappe.

The prices are 520 yen including tax for M size of 'Salt butter caramel frappe', 640 yen including tax for M size of 'Salt butter caramel frappe & macaroon vanilla', 420 yen including tax for M size of 'White chocolate mocha', and 420 yen including tax for 'Chocolate cassis cake'. ” is 490 yen including tax. 'Salt Butter Caramel Frappe' and 'Salt Butter Caramel Frappe & Macaron Vanilla' are available at 521 McDonald's stores with 'McCafé by Barista' and some McDonald's stores. Sold exclusively in stores.

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