13 children's rooms where you can see how children live in various parts of the world

In the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, the situation of the damage was reported to all over the world on the same day, and relief money and relief supplies were delivered from all over the world, but even in today's information network development, The actual living situation is not well understood. Meanwhile, American journalist Chris Booth and photographer James Mollison,"Where Children Sleep (where children sleep)"I gave a photo collection of photographs of children's rooms all over the world.

Children's rooms in each country surprisingly express the situation of that country and it is content that can give an overview of the current world situation.

Where Children Sleep
James Mollison - Photographer

1. Lamine (12 years old,Senegal)

Lamine of Senegal is a 12-year-old boy who attends a Muslim school in the village. This school does not allow girls to attend. His room is a living room with several boys and boys work from school farm at 6 o'clock in the morning. They will cultivate the farmland there, cultivate the corn, learn how to harvest, and learn the Koran in the afternoon. Lamine says he likes to play soccer with his friends in his free time.

2. Tzvika (9 years old,Palestinian Territory)

Tzvika is part of the Palestinian Autonomous RegionWest Bank district of the Jordan RiverIt is a 9 year old boy who lives in. In the area where he lives, TVs and newspapers are not allowed, so there is no TV in the room. The average family in this area has about nine children, but Tzvika has one sister, two brothers of men, and they share a room with them. Tzvika goes to school by car, and he seems to be enjoying reading the Bible every day in the library and playing religious games on the computer. Movement is excluded from the curriculum of the school, and Tzvika hopes to become a rabbin which is Judaism religious leader in the future.

3. Jamie (9 years old,Manhattan)

Jamie living in Fifth Avenue in New York is a 9 year old boy, living with his parents, sister and brother 's five families. Jamie is an excellent student who attends a first-rate school and learns judo and swimming besides studying. He likes study of economics, and he seems to want to become a lawyer like his father in the future.

4. Indira (7 years old,Kathmandu)

IndiraNepalA 7 - year - old girl living in Kathmandu. Indira's house has only one room, one bed. In addition there is one mattress, children rest on mattress on the floor and rest. My family is very poor, and Indira is also working at a local granite quarry about 3 years old. In the quarry there are 150 children working. Indira works at the quarry for 6 hours a day, and as soon as she comes home she helps her mother's housework. She also goes to school which takes 30 minutes on foot and talks about becoming a dancer is a dream.

5. Kaya (5 years old, Tokyo)

The 5-year-old Kaya's room living in a small apartment in Tokyo is full of clothes, dolls and stuffed animals. The dress was made by the mother, and Kaya has 30 pairs of dresses and coats with shoes and wigs. I heard that he goes to school in uniform and is still 5 years old so he is a kindergarten. In the future I would like to be a cartoonist.

6. Douha (10 years old, Palestinian Autonomous Region)

A 10 - year - old girl Douha lives in a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank district. I share the room with five sisters and I go to school on foot 10 minutes. Her older brother Mohammed died involving 23 civilians in suicide bombing, then her house was destroyed by the Israeli army. Douha's dream is to become a pediatrician.

7.Jasmine (4 years old,State of Kentucky)

Jasmine is parents and three brothers living in a large house in Kentucky, surrounded by farms. In the room of Jasmine, a lot of crowns are decorated when we won the beauty contest. Jasmine has no time to rest and has been chased by rehearsals and stage lessons, and tells that future dreams will become rock stars.

8. Unknown name (unknown age,Rome)

His house is a piece of mattress on the outskirts of Rome in Italy. His family, with donated moneyRomaniaI came to Rome from the bus from, but because I had stayed at private property, I was taken to the police department. My family does not have an identity card and no one has ever been educated so I can not get a formal occupation and I live a window glass of a car waiting for a signal and I earn my living.

9. Dong (9 years old,Yunnan Province)

9-year-old Dong lives in Yunnan Province in southwestern China with her grandfather and parents and sister. The room of Dong is shared with parents and sisters. The house of Dong has enough rice and sugarcane farmland to feed the family and Dong himself goes to school 20 minutes on foot. Dong likes writing and practicing singing, when I finish school I do homework everyday and I watch TV for one hour. In the future I would like to be a policeman.

10. Rothy (10 years old,Phnom Penh)

Roathy isCambodiaA 10 - year - old boy who lives in Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh. Roathy's house is near the gigantic garbage collection site and Roathy also uses old tires as bed. There are as many as 5000 people working at the garbage collection site, picking up cans and plastic bottles and selling them to recycling companies to earn a living. Roathy takes a shower at the charity center together with hundreds of other children every morning at 6 o'clock and starts the work of rubbish. It seems that breakfast is the only meal that day.

11. Thais (11 years old,Rio de Janeiro)

Thais is an eleven-year-old girl living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with her parents and sisters. The room is shared with sisters. Beside her house, gang strife and illegal use of drugs are done on a daily basis, and movies"City of God"It was also the stage ofFavela (poor city)There seems to be a great recovery in security since 2002. ThaisPop singer Felipe DylonHe is a fan and his poster is decorated in the room. The future dream of Thais seems to be a model.

12. Nantio (15 years old,Kenya)

The tribal girl Nantio living in the north of Kenya lives in a tent-shaped house made of cow skin and plastic. The tent is small in size to stand inside, burns the fire in the center, and the family sleeps around it. Nantio's job is to take care of goats, break firewood and draw water. Sometimes I went to school for several years, but Nantio decided to go back to the village work. In the future, he wants to be welcomed by his tribal warrior as his wife. Nantio seems to have a boyfriend now, but tribes usually do not have a lover before marriage. Also, due to tribal conventions, shecircumcisionIt seems necessary to receive.

13. Joey (11 years old, Kentucky)

Joey is an 11-year-old boy living in a family of four parents and older sister in the state of Kentucky in the United States. Joey often goes hunting with his father and he himself has his own shotgun and crossbow. The prey I took first was a deer, when he was 7 years old. Joey likes hunting and he seems to want to continue even if he grows up. Also, he decided to eat prey he took in his house, and Joey thinks that it is not good to kill animals as sports, not for eating.

Furthermore, other photographs by Mr. James Mollison from the photographer are also made public.

James Mollison - Photographer

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