Escape from the world where electric lights are going to disappear forever "City of Ember (Story of the Ember Lost Light)" trailer

Masterpiece SF Fantasy "Ember The story of lost light"City of Ember" which was based on the original is to be released nationwide on October 8 this year, Yahoo! High-quality trailers are coming to Movies. As far as the trailer is seen, it is visualized with a feeling which is quite interesting.

As a synopsis, this city has already been built for 200 years, and when you are 12 years old you have to work by deciding the work and the world is lit with light bulbs, supplies are lacking, various things The aging world. A 12 - year - old girl Lena and a boy Dooon discover an old - fashioned box in the attic, with crypts in it, and they are trying to find out ways to escape with it as clues and inform people.

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