"The House with a Clock in Its Walls", a movie of Children's Literature filled with fantasy and horror's air "Clock in the wall" Trailer release

A movie living with my uncle wrapped in a mystery at an old house filled with magical boy who lost parents "The House with a Clock in Its WallsThe trailer of "Hello! Numerous watches, somehow a "house" that will launch attacks, has become a trailer filled with fantasy and horror's atmosphere.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls - Official Trailer 1 - YouTube

A person who enters into the old mansion at night.

Open the door ... ....

In my opinion countless clocks pointing to different times were touring with time.

In front of a woman who speaks "Hello, you are Lewis" ...

One boy. A boy named Lewis who is not born is to live in a mysterious "uncle" person.

"I understand now"

"Here things are pretty, 'It's not normal'" uncle's Jonathan.

Being calm turned around, it has a tough look.

When the boy turned around behind, I felt that the stained glass was moving ... ....

It seems like they are hiding something.

When a boy touches the moon reflected on the surface of the water ......

The universe expands.

A mysterious woman.

"This house is a very old place"

"The clock is carving time in the wall ... ...."

An eerie moving doll.

What is coming under the three people ... ....

"By the way, did you tell Luis everything?" "It's not all ... but ... there seems to be a secret.

What will happen to the Lewis boy? And what is the mystery hidden in the house "not ordinary" ....

The House with a Clock in Its Walls is John Bear's'Watch in the wallIt is based on the original. The story has the following feeling.

Clock in the Wall (Lewis and Wizards Association) | John Bellers, North Sand Sheep, John Bellairs, Mikabi Ritsuko | Books | mail order | Amazon

I would like to live in an old house full of secret corridors, hidden rooms and large marble fireplaces. Luis who always dreamed so, when he noticed one day, was exactly in such a house. My parents died and I decided to live in my uncle's Jonathan's mansion. Besides, this big and gentle uncle is a mage. Lewis was so glad that he wanted to jump up on the chair unintentionally. But I can not help being pleased. The owner in front of this house is an evil wizard, somewhere on the wall of the house says something is embedded with a timepiece clocking towards the end of the world. When Lewis accidentally wakes up the dead on the evening of Halloween, the sound of the watch suddenly gets bigger and faster. very! The last day in the world will come close at this rate. I have to stop the clock soon!

The movie is scheduled to be released nationwide in September, 2018.

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