Drama version of 'Laira's Adventure' Season 1 trailer released, an overwhelming fantasy depicting a parallel world where magic and science intertwine

Adventure fantasy of the global best-selling '

The Adventures of Laila drama version trailer (His Dark Materials)' is now available on YouTube. The drama series consists of three parts: 'The Golden Compass', 'Mysterious Dagger', and 'The Telescope of the Ax', so that the published trailers give a glimpse of the dark worldview while the adventure elements of fantasy are felt It has become.

His Dark Materials: Season 1: Official Teaser | HBO-YouTube

The stage is the city of London, where the airship passes.

In a dimly lit library room ...

It is told that 'I will hear' What is evil? '

11-year-old girl Laila Berakur (Performer:

Daphne Keene )

'Some people don't know are good'

Laila and his Pantaraimon of Okojo.

'I have vowed to do anything to protect you.'

'Protect? From what?'

Passing through the dark hallway, one girl was taken somewhere ...

Spooky facility.

'There is the truth to all the children's nightmares,' said Marisa Coulter of the 'Dedication Council' (Performed by

Ruth Wilson )

What a frightened Lyra saw?

'The power of this world is very powerful.'

'They are stealing their children'

'This is a war.'

'Is there anyone who wants to fight for real freedom?'

A fantasy world and an inorganic and creepy facility are intermingled.

'It's time to choose which side'

The adventures of TV drama version Lyra is a drama series produced by the American broadcaster HBO and the British public broadcaster BBC, and is scheduled to be released from the latter half of 2019. Although the details of the release date have not been decided yet, the release of the second season has already been decided, and

shooting is scheduled to start in the near future.

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