Japanese translation version for the first time in 70 years "Lupine, Last Love" is released from tomorrow, the synopsis is like this


A phantom heritage of the real "Kaito Arsene Lupine" series (issued by more than 50 million copies worldwide) that is the source of the story, not Lupine the Third, was published in France in May 2012, That Japanese translation version will be released from tomorrow.

(PDF file) New birth certificate for the first time in 70 years! Arsene · Lupine series, phantom writings finally published in Japanese translation

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The cover looks like this

The final work of the Lupine series was said to be "Revenge of Cagliostro" released in 1934 and "Lupine's last incident (Lupine's great estate)" in 1941,WikipediaAccording to "In recent years, that type manuscript was discovered by Jacques D'arur who wrote biography of LeBlanc and it was published in May 2012 in France," a new publication will appear for the first time in about 70 years That is why.

The outline is as follows.

The father, Prince Lerne suddenly committed suicide, and his only daughter Kora was sorrowful. Four men who entrusted guardianship from the capital to help such a kora. In the testament, Daiko said, "In fact there is Arsene Lupine that hides the identity among these four people, as Lupine is a reliable person, so that it finds someone and can count on it." Eventually, unexpected facts become apparent. The Prince was not the real father of Kora, but Kola was a child the mother had with Sir Harrington in the UK. Kora with noble blood suddenly caught up in an international conspiracy and Lupine will start to save such a kora, but the death battle with eternal hero, Lupine and unappealing enemy will come to an end!

The background to discovering the manuscript is reported by NHK as follows and you can see a bit more detailed synopsis.

Kaito Lupine Last Love - NHK Overseas Network

How was the last Lupine manuscript found? Florence of Leblanc 's grandson. The discovery of the manuscript was quite chance. When I was sorting out the parents' belongings at my house in Paris, I found a manuscript from the documents of my father. Ruburan repeatedly pushed until just before publication every time to raise the perfection of the work. However, there are pages that have not been reworked, Mr. Florence says, "It was already his age and it seems that work did not progress as I expected." Mr. Florence who decided to publish said, "I thought it was a shame that my grandfather's work would not be completed, I am glad that everyone likes it."

The work depicts a totally different Lupine statue from the former stolen treasure from aristocrats and wealthy people. The stage is Paris suburbs of the 1920s. Lupine is aimed at life by British intelligence agencies over one book inherited from his ancestors. Impersonating a teacher, Lupine hides in a small city. Looking at children suffering from poverty, Lupine reveals his determination to the man who met in town. The determination is to develop gas, electricity, parks in the city and build houses. If a man asks "Where is this money?" Lupine tells us that he will "steal from now." It also depicts love with a beautiful girl in Paris. Researchers said, "Lupine, which has just touched the rich, this time for the poor,
It is very interesting because a completely new world trying to do something in his unique way is drawn. "

The blog of those who actually handled the Japanese translation looks like the following.

Crisis alike (Essay Critic) (author, Atsushi Hiraoka) - translation mystery prize syndicate

No, the phrase "discovery" may be slightly over. The existence of the work itself was known for a long time and some contents were transmitted. However, the whole picture is not made public, and it seems there was a time when the location of the manuscript is not clear.

Mr. Florence who is granddaughter of LeBlanc (when looking at the picture, it closely resembles LeBlanc), I found out from the grandfather's belongings kept at home. Although 160 types of manuscripts have been reworked with autographs of Ruburan, the author did not reach the perfect finish because the author had soon fell ill. Nonetheless, Mr. Florans decided to publish it at the request of the publisher, as it is a valuable work that you can fully understand how LeBlanc was conceiving the final work of the Lupine series Why? When the book was released, it was a "new work" in the 70th year of the Lupine series, it became a topic in magazines and television, and it was said that it was sold enough to face the top of the best seller.

So it was a story to put out Japanese translation at once, when it was close to the end of June. As fast as you can, I heard that I want to go with the September publication, and I was a little honest. Nonetheless, I can not let go of the opportunity to translate Lupine's unpublished work with this hand. And it is not a hard work for a translator to hurry. There is also a thankful aspect because it makes me a book as soon as I get it. Thus "Lupine the Last Crisis" started.

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