Office love story "hair" and "chest" fall in love at first sight

The time required for a man to fall in love is 8.2 secondsTo the extent that there is the theory that there is also the theory that the first impression is important, the movie that depicted the office love's whereabouts that the hairy living creature falls in love with the chest only creature on the first day of the newly entering company "Axe Hair "Office Love""is.

Axe Hair "Office Love" - ​​YouTube

Shaggy creatures walked by men guided by toko

Apparently he seems to be newly appointed, I went to a new desk. A slightly tense face

Raise your face ......

Attractive chest at the desk opposite

Two people staring together

With elevator ......

To two persons clearly

I will shorten the distance ......

Other people got on board

Between two people separated

Even during the meeting ......

The opponent beyond the glass would certainly matter

But the blinds were immediately dropped and blocked

Lunch time, I aim for the next seat ......

I got ahead

Drop the shoulder and degrade

I stare at her from the window of the building

Let me return soon ... and leaving the office ... ....

I will hurry to the bus stop

However, the door that closes in front of my eyes without mercy

Today I will not see the bus that I did not twist to the end ... ...

The figure of the chest is opposite the bus stop opposite. But he does not notice

The appearance of a man who faints at the bus stop

I raised my face and smiling unexpectedly. Beyond that ... ...

A familiar breast woman

And the two finally narrowed the distance

"It is not a responsibility of anyone, we are visual creatures", so this is a cosmetic brand for menAXEThe CM of the hair care product. As a men sees the chest first, it is a movie that expresses the very first that women see men's hair.

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